Tuesday 21 February 2017

Is your home 'baby safe'?

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I remember when we first brought Ethan home from hospital; carrying him like he was made of eggshells, scared that we would drop him or that he's scratch himself with his nails if we didn't have a baby mitt ready for him to wear at all times.

I think he actually did scratch himself before we even got home, and then we started to see all the potential hazards here and there... how have we been living in this death trap for so long?? How will we keep our baby safe?!

It quickly became an obsession for us, baby-proofing. Particularly when he started crawling, he could cover so much ground in seconds and would always find something to pick up and put in his mouth that he wasn't supposed to. It's amazing as a skill how quickly you start noticing potential problems, be it items that can get spilled or things that might be sharp or hard. Even though Ethan is nearly four and we have all the key bases covered, it's still really easy for something to happen and for him to hurt himself. They can't be wrapped in cotton wool and accidents do happen - as we learnt a couple of weeks' ago with our trip to A&E with suspected concussion following a very short tumble down the stairs.

Apparently, according to research, half a million children under the age of four, like Ethan, are sadly hurt in the home every year - sometimes, just a small bump, but other times, it's something more serious.

No matter how careful we are, sometimes there's no telling what could go wrong so it's worth having a regular think and look around to make sure everything is as safe as can be. Rattan Direct has created a quick quiz for parents to test out just how baby safe their home is, and it's well worth having a go...

It's mostly common sense but a really good refresher and I actually got one question wrong (at what temperature does scalding occur) so I learnt something from this.


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