Tuesday 21 March 2017

#LifeLately - spring begins

It's been a quiet couple of months for us really but we've never been bored or without something going on - more a case of going with the flow. Work has kept us both busy along the way so our evenings and weekends for the most part have been about enjoying some down time together, at home or having a trip out for breakfast, to the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham or to B&Q for a few DIY bits.

It's been really nice to have a few weekends where we have just taken things as they come. Ethan is in a really loving stage at the moment, saying that we are his best friends (even our pets) and calling us handsome and gorgeous and giving cuddles whenever he feels like it.

He's been growing before our eyes and I feel really lucky to have a boy who is really sociable but also quite happy entertaining himself too. He throws himself into his toys, role playing and going from one activity to the next, and whilst he will involve us, it's not like he needs us to be there with him for him to enjoy himself. It's nice watching him play and it does give us the chance to do what we need or want to for the most part too. We all seem to fit into this relaxed routine when we're at home and with the days and nights being that much lighter for longer, it really helps us to enjoy being at home together.

We did go away last weekend to see my parents, as a couple of months have passed since our last visit and my Dad turned 70 - plus we dropped off Mum's Mother's Day presents early while we had the chance. Again, we had a relaxed, go-with-the-flow type weekend in Hampshire, where I grew up, and I was just so happy to share these moments, simple as they might be, with my family and with Ethan.

With Ethan's fourth birthday just a matter of weeks away, it's all got me rather reflective - as well as making me think ahead to the future. We have his birthday to celebrate, dear friends to see, a Center Parcs holiday to look forward to plus summer adventures to plan before Ethan starts school in September. The next few months are laid ahead of us, our boy is growing before our eyes and is so much fun to be around, and as much as I love the moment right now, I know from experience that the best is yet to come. I guess that's why I started this blog in the first place and why, after almost five years, I'm still doing it; I want to make sure I live in the moment more (see my post on mindful parenting for more on this) rather than just living for tomorrow and this blog is somewhere I can capture and share memories, ideas and loves, however small.

I've changed my hair again, so I am back within the red spectrum - you know me, I get bored easily! - and we are making a few small changes here and there at home too. As is our Easter tradition, we are having a big spring clean and doing a few jobs around the house, one of which we started on in our kitchen this weekend, on a whim. It's not about doing anything large scale or spending lots of money, more about clearing clutter and updating a few quick and easy things that add up to making a big difference.

I'm sure I'll share more about our home, family, birthday and holiday adventures on here soon enough so as always, thank you for reading and watch this space...

There's still time to enter my competition to win a copy of Disney's Moana on DVD, and family tickets to see Naomi's Wild and Scary Show at Town Hall Birmingham too!



  1. Gosh Ethan is looking so grown up all of a sudden, can't believe he will be four! I need to do a proper de clutter and spring clean, I really want to paint a few rooms in the house but I definitely need to clear stuff out first, always feel better when that's done! xx

    1. He is and some days it really does take me by surprise. There's always clutter to clear, right?! I think there must be a really messy elf that sneaks into our house and fills it with stuff!


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