Tuesday 14 March 2017

Sweep away the cobwebs

I think it may be safe to say that spring has finally sprung and I am already feeling lighter and brighter. The lighter mornings and evenings just make me feel so much more focused and really wanting to get more done.

I recently shared a spring update post about how I'm looking ahead to the new season and a big part of this is about sorting our house. With a toddler around, there's just always so much stuff and I seem to spend most of my time tidying. Tidying, and not getting to the proper cleaning that needs doing.

After having a big deep clean, which I have scheduled for the Easter holidays, as per my tradition (it's either a big spring clean or a room makeover!), I want to try and keep on top of things more. Perhaps a brief daily rota could help, assigning a task a day so that we can get things done and keep clutter away - and away from taking up more time at the weekends.

One handy new bit of kit that will help me to do this is the bestselling, recently improved SuperMocio XL mop from Vileda I was kindly sent to get my spring cleaning, and best of intentions, off to the best start.

It's pretty nifty and with laminate, stone and tile floors in the hall, dining room and kitchen respectively, this mop has been really useful for quickly cleaning up after muddy paw prints and toddler footprints too.

The set (which is on offer for £14.99 from the Vileda website right now)  includes the 3 action mop head, handle, bucket and wringer so you're ready to set up, mop up and go. The mop head has red parts that act as a scourer for stubborn dirt, blue microfibres for dealing with greasy patches and 3D red dots for hair and particle pick ups. And, as Vileda has boosted the mop up to XL, cleaning the floor is even shorter work as the mop covers 25% extra floor.

A mop may not be the most exciting item I will ever own and I may never have a house that's always spic and span, but if it makes life and cleaning just that little bit easier, then that's certainly alright by me.

Do you plan a big spring clean or do you manage to keep on top of things each week? Any tips for preventing the house getting into a tip much appreciated!

* SuperMocio XL mop received for purposes of review - all opinions my own.


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