Thursday 20 April 2017

3 little must-haves for your child's bedroom

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Every parent knows the struggle of creating the perfect bedroom for their child - what theme to go for, how to make the most of space and all those finishing touches. We’re all going to design different rooms for our kids, but there are a few things that each and every one of us needs to include.

Below, you’ll find three little must-haves for your child’s bedroom:

Carpet Flooring

The first thing is pretty straightforward, you need carpet flooring. Maybe when they get older, and I’m talking teenage years here, they can have a little redecoration and get some nice hardwood floor if they’re feeling stylish. But, while they’re tiny, you need carpet as a safety feature. If a small child falls over on carpeted floor, there’s far less chance of a serious injury compared to if they did it on a hard one. It’s really that simple, you need carpet flooring in your child’s room to keep them safe and help prevent injuries.

Something Educational

The final thing you need to have in any child’s bedroom is something educational. Now, that may sound broad but bear with me. You need to have something in your room that can teach your child something. Typically, the easiest way to do this is with fun wall posters. When I was little, my parents put up a big maths poster on the wall that had all the different times tables on it.

Child-Safe Furniture

I’m sure a lot of you have seen videos online of different pieces of furniture almost falling on top of small children. In fact, I remember a video last year where a chest of drawers fell on a small boy, and his twin brother saved him by moving him free.

The fact is, kids are adventurous, curious beings, and there’s no stopping them from climbing up furniture or pulling at it from time to time. So, you want to ensure all the furniture in your kid's rooms is safe. To do this, you can simply bolt them to the walls/floor to stop them tipping over. I’d also recommend getting a few safety ties that can tie around handles or drawers to stop them from pulling them open. Drawers are especially dangerous as a child can accidentally pull one out completely. So, ensure that the drawer slides are nice and secure too.

You can get things like soft close drawer slides which are hard to pull out completely, but also don’t make a sound when they’re closed. As your child gets older and you trust them to open drawers themselves, they won’t cause a racket by slamming them noisily!

The alphabet is another great example of a poster; Ethan has an alphabet one which he likes to look at and read from. Getting young children looking at letters and words as much as possible can really help them develop their speech and letter recognition. Believe it or not, but a large part of your child’s education can stem from a poster in their bedroom. 

If you include these three things in your child’s room, then you tackle two key things; safety and education. Their room will be a lot safer, and they can get a head start on their education too.

What other must-haves do you have? Ethan would say 100's of stuffed toys...!


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