Tuesday 18 April 2017

Win with Into The Blue: What's on your wishlist this #NationalExperienceWeek?

* Collaborative post 

I'm one of those people who likes to plan and have things to look forward to and with it being #NationalExperienceWeek this week, according to Into the Blue - experts in experience days and adventure days out - I wanted to share with you some things on our wishlist of experiences - and a competition where your wishlist could come true.

Me: Taking a look at the range of experiences available, and as I'm not the biggest daredevil by any stretch of the imagination (far from it!), my wishlist would probably include a makeover and photoshoot experience. I love make up, dressing up and photos so this would be a pretty ideal combination of them all, plus I have always wanted to have one of those glamorous shoots where you get to play a character or simply have some amazing photos taken to cherish.

I'd love to do a vintage pin-up style themed look, with victory rolls and a gorgeous outfit, and think it would be such a fun way to spend the day and to play at being someone else too. If I were feeling really brave, a boudoir shoot would just be so different, don't you think? Perhaps one to keep in an album, rather than hung on the wall...!

And I'd love to do this Enchanted Fairy Photoshoot with Ethan - the style is so magical and I think he would look so adorable...

Stephen: I am much more adventurous than Kelly and have always fancied skydiving as heights don't bother me and it would be such an amazing experience.

I'm also a fan of movies and gaming and have always liked zombie lore, so I'd really like to try out one of the Zombie Apocolypse Experiences with our friends; I'm pretty sure I'd be handy in a crisis and I'd rise to the challenge of a fun day out like this. Take that zombies! I don't think I could convince Kelly to join me though...!

Ethan: Before Christmas, I got to ride my very first horse - she was called Magic and I absolutely loved it. If I could add something to my experience wishlist, it would be the Western Adventure in Hampshire (where my Nanna and Grandad live) where we could pretend we are a cowboy family, learn how to ride horses and enjoy some chilli cooked over a fire at the end of a hard day on the ranch. One of my favourite characters is Woody from Toy Story so I'd love to be him for the day!

National Experience Week is about encouraging people to try something new, be it an actual experience day or even just trying something new for dinner, it's easy to get involved.

To enter the Into the Blue competition itself, here's what you need to do:

1) Create wishlist featuring at least two of the Into The Blue experiences you would love to try

2) Post on Twitter or Facebook and tell Into The Blue us how you're celebrating all things new with #nationalexperienceweek (don't forget to tag ITB on Twitter / on Facebook when sharing so they can see and share your ideas!)

Tell the go-getting gift-genies at Into the Blue what you'd like to do and one winner will win their wishlist (up to the value of £1,000) and two runners up will win £100 gift vouchers each. How amazing would that be? Just imagine the summer you could have...

Find out more about the competition here - and best of luck! I'll look forward to seeing everyone's #NationalExperienceWeek wishlists. 


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