Thursday 25 May 2017

Brilliant Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

No matter how old you are, your birthday is exciting, isn't it? You don’t quite realise how exciting until you have children to plan for. Birthday parties for children can be simply magical. They’re not just the day for you to remember giving birth and bringing them into the world, they’re the day for you to celebrate another milestone with your child. I've gotten quite emotional on each of Ethan's birthday's so far, particularly when everyone sings him Happy Birthday... sob!

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Planning a birthday party can be stressful, if you don’t know where to begin. If your child is in nursery or school, you’re likely to worry about the opinions of the other children and parents. It’s normal: you want your child to have the best possible party! Before you go completely wild and start planning a party involving the hiring of zoo animals, check out some of my ideas for a perfect birthday party that your child will love...

Pizza & Sundae Party: A lot of children love getting messy and getting crafty, and when you’re on a budget, hosting a party indoors is the way to go. Having in the ingredients for the children to make their own pizza or ice cream sundae is one that will be remembered so well. Pack in the balloons and send pizza shaped invites for the children that will be attending and the best bit? The children can eat the food they create! This sounds like my ideal birthday party, let alone one for Ethan!

Hall Party: Lots of children love parties filled with activities, and when you hire a hall and fill it with a variety of bouncy castles, entertaining characters and a popcorn machine, children have the best time! The hire of the hall allows you to invite a large group of children and parents can sit and watch their kids enjoy themselves.

Soft Play Party: One of the most popular party ideas, soft play is the ideal place to host a children’s party. You don’t have to think about the entertainment, as it’s all there in the climbing frames and slides. You can also get food included in the price so all you have to do is provide a cake and decorations for the party room. Be aware of the children in the party and keep a list handy so you can ensure thank you notes get written.

Beach Bash: Usually this is only going to work if you’re living close to the seafront, but hosting a beach party with events like volleyball, frisbee throwing and sandcastle building contests is a great way to spend a birthday afternoon. Summer children will love the uniqueness of their party and it’ll be talked about for weeks afterwards.
When you’re organising a party, always get the input from your child first. You may envision a huge bash with balloons, a DJ, entertainers and slip’n’slides, but your little one probably only wants a cake and pass the parcel with their closest friends. Never forget that you can throw a fantastic party without spending too much money.

Enjoyment is the most important factor!


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