Friday 26 May 2017

Handle with care

I've been trying a few new products recently to help nourish my dry skin, both on my face and as a result of my psoriasis. I've written many times about my psoriasis and as I've just reached the six year mark since my first patch first appeared, I thought I'd share a quick update on what I'm using.

The patches on my head and behind my ears have subsided quite a bit and generally, my psoriasis has improved all over. I still have it quite severely on my legs, noticeable dry patches on my lower arms and a big patch across my tummy, but it has been worse and it has been improving thanks to one new product in particular.

Skin Balm from What Skin Needs (£9.99), is designed to specifically for skin problems including irritation from warm and cold weather, cracked skin, dry skin, and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. It's a blend of natural extracts and essential oils including Plantolin but also aloe vera, olive oil, myrrh, lavender oil, tea tree oil and geranium oil. 

What is plantolin? "Platolin is a patent-protected active plant extract, scientifically proven to soothe, renew and protect. This key ingredient is derived from the Australian indigenous plant, centipeda cunninghamii, and is internationally patent protected for its novel active compounds that provide a natural synergy of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity. Plantolin extract is used in Australia on wounds to speed up the healing process and stimulate tissues regeneration" says Sonja Dymalovski, Skincare Expert at What Skin Needs.

It is super gentle and unlike some balms or moisturisers I have tried, it doesn't make my psoriasis patches tingle. It also absorbs really quickly and, after using it for a couple of weeks', I honestly feel like it's making a difference. My legs in particular are showing improvements and feel much more like normal skin. I know they still look angry for the photos, but trust me, this looks and feels so much better than it has been for many years!

My skin in general has been quite dry of late and I am really noticing those pesky signs of ageing on my face - well, I guess I am 33 in July... so I really want to take care of it the best I can. I've been loving Odylique’s Honey & Oat Cleansing Bar (£6.50) to cleanse my skin. I thought that you should avoid soap at all costs but this is designed to be kind even to the most sensitive skin. 

This soap bar is hand-made with organic ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil and nourishing butters and because it's naturally rich in moisturising glycerine, means it is extremely gentle and non-drying. Here's why:

"Apart from protecting skin from bacteria, honey can also fight free radicals, which are attacking our skin and causing ageing" explains Nutritionist, Cassandra Barns.  

"Oatmeal has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as it is packed with vitamins, lipids and minerals. This powerful ingredient also helps to locks in moisture and normalize skin’s pH" adds Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at  

"Honey and oats have been prized through the ages for their skin care benefits.  Honey is healing, softening and anti-bacterial whilst oats are very soothing to itchy and easily irritated skin and provide gentle exfoliation", says Margaret Weeds at

Another item I am adding to my handbag, particularly with summer on its way, is What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel (9.99). Enriched with plant extracts and Vitamin E, this is a really light, non-greasy gel that nourishes and protects the skin. It has a high-potency formulation which is designed to deliver essential nutrients and to replenish lost moisture - great for sunburn or over exposure to the elements, as hubs discovered after an afternoon in the garden without a hat!

I like finding new brands and trying solutions that contain natural active ingredients and I'm really enjoying using all of these - and hope that I'll continue to see improvements in the condition of my skin.

* I received the products featured for purposes of this post, but all opinions are genuine.


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