Wednesday 10 May 2017

Are You Ready To Help Your Friend After A Relationship Breakdown?

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and there’s no moment that underlines this quite like when they’ve split up from their partner. This will be one of the hardest times of their life, which is why your love and support can make a world of difference.

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There’s no doubt that you have the compassion and desire to be there for your friend. However, actively making yourself useful can feel like a far more daunting challenge. So what are the best ways to achieve this goal? Let’s take a closer look.
  • Be a shoulder to cry on. You don’t necessarily need to get involved with the messy breakup, but being a great listener is so important at this time. If you can call upon previous experiences to provide a positive spin, that’s great. Essentially, though, your friend simply needs to feel loved and appreciated. Show them that they are not alone, and the pathway to recovery will feel a whole lot smoother.
  • Offer assistance into research. Breakups become more difficult when children, mortgages, and other serious matters need contesting. If the former lovers were married, this could throw a spanner into the works too. Whether it’s helping them find a lawyer or searching their rights isn’t overly important. Any support that can provide clarity in their life can only have a positive influence. If nothing else, that increased organisation will make them feel in control.
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  • Make sure that they’re staying healthy. A broken heart can encourage sufferers to start ignoring the need for great nutrition. When cooking family meals like my turkey cottage pie, why not make a little extra? Meanwhile, you should be vigilant for signs of alcohol abuse and other damaging habits. After all, this is the time where your friends could be at his or her most vulnerable. Quick action in those situations will reduce the damage greatly.
  • Take their mind off of it. There will be a period where a good night out or a short city break will do your friend the world of good. Love and relationships are a crucial part of happy living, but there is more to life too. Millions of people are happily single, and your friend can follow suit – at least for the immediate future. Moreover, this is a great time for them to follow other dreams like getting fit or writing a book. Encourage them to make those positive steps, and their life will suddenly seem far brighter.
  • Help them move on. Breakups are always difficult but time heals all wounds. When the time is right, encourage your friend to get back into the world of dating. The online arena is a particularly good way for them to ease their way back in, even if they’re older and require mature dating. Of course, they need time to get over their broken heart. Ultimately, though, sitting around and crying isn’t going to bring long-term happiness. If getting back on the proverbial horse enables them to regain confidence and happiness, this is one of the best forms of support you can provide.


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