Monday 8 May 2017

Transform Your Loft Into A Luxury Hotel Room

Are you tired of having nowhere for your guests to stay when they come over except on a blowup mattress on the floor of the living area? All homeowners want guests to be impressed when they come to stay and when they have to blow up their own bed, this idea kind of goes out the window. The good news is that you have the perfect option if you want to create a fantastic guest room. You can convert the loft. It’s easier than most people think to do this. The first thing to figure out is how much work your loft will need.

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If you’ve never been in your loft, it’s quite possible that it doesn’t even have a floor. Instead, there are just wooden panels, so that will be your first job. But you’ll also want to look at the height of the ceiling too. Again, it’s possible that there isn’t enough headroom for a proper room up there. As such, you’re going to need to think about changing part of your roof and building it out. Then, there’s the insulation which will, of course, need to be fixed.

There is the possibility that you’re lucky. If you bought a home from a previous owner, it’s possible that they already began converting the loft and if that’s the case, you’ll only need to complete a few jobs to make it the perfect foundation to design a room.

Start With The Floors

Always start with the floors when you’re working in your loft. Trust me, it’s going to make it a lot easier to work up there rather than constantly balancing on the beams. You should be able to find some cheap boards from your home depot store that will provide exactly what you need to make sure you can walk around up there. Once you have that, you’ll be able complete a proper inspection of your loft.

If you are already using the loft, you’ll probably have to empty it out. Or, just separate it into two sections. On an average sized home, there’s enough attic space for both a beautiful guest room and a storage space. Just make sure you get the contractor to separate these two areas.

Hiring A Contractor

You might be able to complete some of the loft conversion yourself. But unless you have a lot of experience building, there’s no way you’re going to be able to alter the roof. Luckily, there are plenty of businesses such as Another Level Of Conversions that can complete this job for you. The general quote for a luxury loft conversion is around ten grand. However, if you’re completing some of the work yourself, you might be able to cut quite a lot off that number. Speaking of work you can complete yourself…

Insulating The Room

It’s quite easy to insulate your attic, and you can use materials such as plywood sheets to do this. These are easy to install and are also quite cheap. You can purchase them from businesses such as George Hill Timber at reasonable prices in bulk. This is definitely the best way to approach a full room conversion. Buy all the materials that you need before you get to work.

Do You Need A Staircase?

It really depends on how luxurious you want the room to be. No matter how beautiful the loft looks once you get up there, getting your guests to climb a ladder can shift the perception ever so slightly. So, you may want to think about paying extra to make sure you do install a staircase, and this will mean knocking out some of your ceiling. The good news is that by doing this, you will make it easier to get furniture up to the new room.

Awesome Extras

It’s hard to think about mentioning a loft conversion without considering an absolutely awesome extra, and that’s the skylight. When completing your conversion make sure you consider leaving a large enough gap in the roof to fit in an incredible panoramic skylight. With this, you can let your guests sleep under a starlit night sky. It really will bring your loft guest room conversion up to a whole other level.

So how does this idea sound to you? Once you’ve been through the planning stage, the full renovation could be completed in just three months according to quotes online. Just think, by the end of summer, you could have the perfect place for guests to stay in your home.


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