Monday 24 July 2017

Our happy place

In our house, we love nothing more than dimming the lights, getting the popcorn ready and putting on our favourite film on our own version of the big screen. Hubs and I met at Blockbuster when we were working there as students, and we clicked (sorry!) over our love of film, years later having a movie twist to our wedding theme and amassing over 700 DVD's (most of which we just have digitally now!).

It was inevitable that Ethan too would grow up to love films, particularly Disney, and he's pretty partial to popcorn too.

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Whilst going out is great, home is where it's at for us and we like transforming our lounge into our own cinema, popcorn, snacks and all, and of course, cuddles on the sofa.

And it seems we're not alone. Many other Brits, and Brummies, are happiest when doing just this.

According to Butterkist, Birmingham is one of the happiest cities in the UK, with the average Brummie feeling true happiness 442 times a year compared to a national average of 432.

I count myself as an honorary Brummie having lived here for 15 years, and reading the list of our so called 'happy places', I agree with them all - particularly number 3, enjoying a picnic with my family on a sunny day and 5, cosy on the sofa watching a box set with family.

And this past weekend, I got to do both!

We're watching Futurama with Ethan as it is a favourite of both mine and Ste's and it's on Now for a couple more weeks, and we like to have a movie night once a week. Plus on Sunday we went to an outdoor cinema to watch Harry Potter, so of course we brought the popcorn with us to have ourselves a picnic.

Where's your happy place? Watching movies, sitting on a beach, enjoying a good book? Let me know in the comments or on my social channels!


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