Thursday 31 August 2017

Suits you

We have had our fair share of special occasions as a family over the past couple of years. Two years ago, both my Sister-in-Law and my Brother-in-Law got married, within the space of four months, and then last summer, one of my best friends got married then two of our best friends married each other just four days later - and we were involved in the wedding parties for all of them!

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Of course, we had to look the part, and with so many celebrations to enjoy, we had to find the perfect outfit - and both hubs and Ethan had to find the right formal attire to go with the different weddings, themes and colours.

Finding the right mens suit, I am told, isn't always easy. When it was our own wedding, almost seven years ago now, I left the groomsmen suits to Stephen to sort out. I didn't know what to look for and thought that it was best to leave him to it, as he would know what style he wanted to go for and how he wanted his groomsmen to look. In the end, it was quite a traditional black suit with a short tail, paired with a white embroidered waistcoat and a rich purple tie, to tie-in with the purple bridesmaids dresses I had chosen.

Then, in the case of my Dad, he really wanted to make a statement - and opted for a bold pinstripe with a hat to top off the look!

When it was time to be a groomsman for his sister, Stephen had the chance to wear a traditional Scottish wedding suit, complete with kilt and knee high socks. The men looked the part, but I did feel for them as it was a very sunny June day! Ethan was a pageboy but being just over two at the time, he had a simple suit with a linen shirt and boy, did he look cute/

Then last year, when Ste was groomsman for two of our best friends and Ethan a pageboy, they had matching blue suits that were oh so elegant. With powder blue ties to complete the look, they looked so handsome and the suits looked great alongside the bridesmaid dresses.

Each wedding had its own look and feel, and I do think that the tone that the men in their suits and the ladies in their dresses set is so important to get right. The bride and groom are naturally centre stage, but the bridal and groom parties mirror the look of the wedding and everything takes its cues from there; formal suits, formal occasion; navy or light grey suits, smart but with a modern edge.

I never knew that the world of suits offered so much choice - until we had so many weddings to go to!

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