Thursday 7 September 2017

A house to make me beam with pride

Do you ever daydream about your dream house and what it might look like? I have so many ideas collected from over the years, having worked in the home and lifestyle arena for more than a decade and just loving everything to do with the home.

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My idea of a dream house changes all the time as I am influenced by so many things. I'd like to live somewhere with a lot of greenery around me, as I love nature and have always had a thing about trees and woods. My family home growing up was next to a wooded area and because I lived next to a large school, where my Dad worked, I had the chance to explore and wander at the weekends. Through the woods, across the field, around the conker trees and down to the canal.

To me, these places are magical and I do love the look of natural wood furniture and finishes in the home. It brings a classic, timeless look that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and it gives such a cosy feel. My dream house would be something like a converted barn, or would have mock features to make it a mix of modern home with striking wood touches. We've stayed in a few cottages with friends for a weekend away where there have been beautiful features such as oak beams and I have always fallen in love with this kind of look. 

I may have quite contemporary tastes when it comes to decor, favouring bold colours and modern styled furniture, but I also like homes with heritage - whether through time or as a result of design - and would love to mix the two styles to make a unique looking home.

The air dried oak beams from Tradoak for instance are the perfect example of why you just can't beat the beauty of wood. Sturdy, warm and welcoming, oak is a really versatile material that can add charm or compliment a contemporary look in equal measure. The light hue helps to make any space feel open and light, so it can be used in an open-plan kitchen, an extension or as a feature in other rooms. Oak beams can be a great addition - just look at the ideas covered here if you want some further inspiration. 

Personally, a newer build home in a barn style with oak beam detailing, alongside white walls but bold prints and furniture, would be a dream home indeed. And there would have to be a treehouse in the garden too!

Whilst I may dream of a big, beautiful house, I do still very much love the four walls we have. I like making it a home for us and reflecting our tastes - I am a definite Cancerean as I am a real homebody - and updating features here and there. We actually have mock beams on the ceiling of our lounge, and I do wonder what they could look like if they were the real thing... 

At least you can update the home you have to get the look you want - no lottery win needed to buy that castle in the sky!

What would your dream house look like?

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