Wednesday 18 October 2017

Matte liquid lipsticks - which ones are worth investing in?

My name's Kelly and I'm a lipstick addict. Despite having a big sort out and ditching a ton of shades and formulas that I just didn't really like or get on with, I still have 30 plus lipsticks on the go.

But if I had to, I could reduce this down further. Most days, only a matt lip will do and I just love liquid lipsticks because they are easy to apply, you can get a precise edge, the colour pay off is great and they last a long time (at least they're meant to) which is great if you're busy and don't want to have to keep checking if you need to reapply.

I am head over heels in love with Stila, mainly because their Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are the BEST. Great colours, rich finish and real staying power, I honestly think they're hard to beat. But I have bought all the shades I like / that best suit me (although the Christmas gift sets about to be launched look pretty exciting, with some new colours...) so I've been trying a couple of other brands to see it they can match up.

A coloured lip coupled with winged eyeliner is my signature look, and I have often thought whether permanent make up would be worth looking into - how nice would it be not to have to put on the same eyeliner every day and for it to always be in place?!

Here's my thoughts...

  • Huge range of colours to choose from
  • Great price at £6 each
  • Soft feel and nice to wear
  • Poor or patchy colour pay off - you really have to layer these up
  • Don't really last that long so you do have to reapply regularly
Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in 'Mother'

  • Bold and broad colour range
  • Pretty reasonable at £17 each 
  • Nice texture and formula that glides on your lips easily 
  • Good depth of colour and finish but this does fade after a short amount of time so not as long lasting as I had hoped for 

  • Smaller selection of shades but some good versatile colours as well as a couple of punchy ones (like the purple - 'Creator' - I have)
  • A good price at £9.99 (especially when there's often offers on)
  • Slightly tacky consistency but this doesn't last, comfortable to apply
  • Strong depth of colour and it does seem to last a good while
Maybelline Superstay 24 Matte Ink lipstick in 'Creator' and 'Lover' (behind)

  • Nice creamy formula that glides on easily - the applicator has a different shape to it and you can create a defined edge to your lips with it
  • Too Bad I'm Bad is a stunning shade that I think would suit everyone - it's a warmer nude/ red but not too much for everyday wear
  • Pick a good shade, as there's one I bought that I really don't think is all that great 
  • Pricey at £24 but a nice treat
  • Colour lasts a while and fades evenly, but I don't feel as secure when I wear it so will check it regularly
  • I'd say that, in my brief experience trying a couple of things, Charlotte Tilbury products are a bit overrated / overpriced as I've found similar products for less 

My verdict? 

Look around, try different ranges out and see which ones look and feel right for you. In my opinion, you don't have to fork out for the top end products but you do get what you pay for with the cheaper lipsticks. 

For me, the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick range is very hard to beat for colours, look, feel and longevity - plus they are £16 each so a great mid-range price for a fantastic finish - but I would like to see some mid-toned shades added as I think the collection has a lot of bold or darker shades in it, and a few less for every day wear. For the season, take a look at Firenze, Baci and Biscotti.

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