Tuesday 12 December 2017

Getting our house ready for Christmas - with Vileda

I'm a bit late getting my Christmas decorations up this year. I am usually there on 1st December, ready to deck the halls, dust of the decs and plump up the Christmas tree. The longer the tree can be up, the better so the whole month of December, our house is full of festive cheer.

We've just been so busy with work recently, and various commitments and family or friend meet ups. Our working week routine is pretty full on then, when you throw in a touch of the flu, with Ethan now very unwell, we are just a bit behind on it all.

We had a day at the end of November, hubs and I, to hit the shops and get the Christmas presents bought and stored away and it felt good to get this tackled.

Then came the house.

Before any decorations can be put up, of course you need to have a proper tidy up first. With our house pretty full most of the time any way, and with a dog, two cats and two rabbits to care for, things can accumulate and cleaning can quickly fall by the wayside.

So, on Sunday, we swept away the cobwebs and dust bunnies and sorted the stuff all over the shop so we could raid the Christmas corner in the loft. Vileda kindly sent a new DuActivia Broom to help me get things ready for Christmas and it did make light work of our dusty floors. It can make housework twice as efficient as it has a two-in-one design: 
  • Two-in-one electrostatic broom
  • Innovative foam blade traps dirt in one stroke without lifting particles
  • New thick red bristles easily clean corners and along edges
  • Ideal for picking up pet hair
  • Combines bristles with an electrostatic foam blade that’s easy to clean under running water for better results
  • Built-in “bumpers” protect walls and furniture
  • Ecofibres – bristles made of recycled plastic

Now our house is all shiny and bright and our festivities can start in earnest. The tree is up, the toys have a tidy place to stay and the Christmas touches, such as blankets and candles, are out so that every day can feel like Christmas.


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