Thursday 21 December 2017

Smart Connections – Stay Connected to Your Home, Even When You Are Away

With smart technology, remaining connected to your home is something you can now do with ease. From your annual holiday to days at the office, with smart technology and your smartphone, you can stay in touch and in control of more or less everything in your home.

* Written in collaboration with Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies

Making Life Easier

Smart technology is being developed with one thing in mind – to revolutionise your life, making it easier to stay connected and in control of important aspects of your life. In this case, a smart home can be safer, more secure and more efficient and cost-effective too.

      I.          Heating

Heating our homes in a way that is efficient both in terms of energy use and the money spent on heating bills is more important than ever.

The cost of energy is increasing year on year. The cost to the planet is increasing year on year. As well as looking to other sources of energy, many of us are staying in control of heating our homes with smart technology, coupled with ‘new’ heating systems.

For example, underfloor heating is a great way of maintaining an even temperature throughout the home or room. An under carpet heating kit is not only cost-effective to run, it is also easy on the wallet to buy, install and maintain.

Installing an under carpet heating system is one thing but with smart tech, you can have finite control over heating your home every minute of night and day. Here’s how:

Multi-zones – underfloor carpet heating can be fitted into a single room, or across a floor in the home or throughout the entire home. This multi-zone installation, along with thermostats throughout the home, allows you to control heat in parts of the home where you may want more or less heat. For example, bedrooms don’t need to be as warm as the living room, and the kitchen doesn’t need to be as warm as the bathroom and so on. By using less heat but using it better, you create a more comfortable home.

Smart thermostat – these handy gadgets are not just about saving money on your heating bills but having a home that is never cold and never too hot, stuffy or uncomfortable. And better still, providing you have a reliable link to either Wi-Fi or data, you can also control the heat in your home remotely. This means you can make changes, as well as monitor the level of heat so when someone at home turns up the thermostat, you can keep an eye on the energy you are using!

Protects your home – it is not unusual to have severe cold spells in the UK and this means that pipes can freeze. On thawing, there can be leaks and burst pipes, all leading to expensive repairs. But when you go away on your winter holiday, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Again, with a cold snap, you can programme your thermostat to not allow the inside of your home to become too cold. With a heating and thermostat app, you can set all kinds of notifications, giving you complete control.

   II.          Lighting

From lights left on when they don’t need to be, to inefficient lightbulbs, as well as heating your home, lighting it costs money too.

As well as more energy efficient bulbs and LED lighting, there are also bulbs with embedded Wi-Fi capabilities which means you can control your lights from an app on your phone. Again, with a secure connection, it is possible to control lights remotely, as well as set parameters for some lights to come on automatic or when they detect you have arrived home.

III.          Appliances

Major brands are also making household appliances with built Wi-Fi, therefore providing you with the tool to communicate and connect with them. From smart washing machines to smart ovens, you can control the energy they use, as well as the results you need. Instead of opening the oven door to check dinner is ready, check from the comfort of your sofa by checking the in-oven camera on your smartphone…

IV.          Security

From using less energy to heat your home with an under-carpet heating kit to switching on and off the washing machine, you can also stay connected to your home, monitoring security in and around it.
CCTV is nothing new but with digital technology, you can now access the camera and security system of your home remotely, as well as collecting high-quality evidence for prosecution, if needed.

There is no doubting that smart technology is making our homes warmer, safer and more secure, an affordable investment worth making.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies has everything you need for underfloor and carpet heating. From specialist components to complete kits, heating your home without it costing the earth has never been easier. 


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