Wednesday 13 December 2017

Stocking filler for Lego fans - Zuru Mayka tape

Ethan has recently got into Lego and can easily spend an afternoon creating all sorts of strange and wonderful buildings and characters from bricks, making and unmaking for hours.

To fuel his imagination and love of the little bricks, we recently attended Bricks Live and were introduced to Mayka tape by Zuru for the first time - the original toy block tape.

We were sent some of the wide blue Mayka tape, which is four studs deep, and a role of the slimmer tape in a bright green, which is two studs deep. The colours are bold and fun, and match Ethan's playroom perfectly, and the tape is really versatile so you can let their imagination take over.

We have several Ikea Kallax units, in the lounge and in Ethan's room, so with our first rolls we have lined the inside of one of them with the tape but plan on using the trim all around the inside of the square cubes in his bedroom unit too, to create a more fun surface for him to play with his figures.

Mayka tape can be found in Asda, Amazon, Argos... and lots of other retailers too that don't necessarily begin with A, so it's easy to pick up for the perfect stocking filler, with prices starting from around £6.99 for two stud tape, two metres long.

CUT! This tape can be cut to any length you wish with a standard pair of scissors, so you can trim it to fit the exact space you need.

SHAPE! The tape is made from a soft, bendable plastic that you can manipulate as you need to, so your child doesn't have to just play in straight lines.

STICK! You can stick and re-stick Mayka tape as many times as you like and it does hold firm until your child decides to move the tape around. All you have to do is peel off the backing then position the tape and press down, and it's ready to use.

BUILD! Now the fun can really begin, as the tape is ready to use and compatible with any Lego or similar block toy.

Ethan loves this new feature in the lounge and I love how the tape can make an interactive feature of any surface. With no damage left behind, it's a really versatile idea and can help make sure you never stand on one of those pesky plastic bricks again!

* I was sent the tape featured for purposes of review, but opinions and content are my own.


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