Thursday 25 January 2018

Soft play, catch ups and baking cakes with Baking Mad

Ethan loved his time at preschool and was lucky to form some strong friendships. Towards the end of his time there, some of the mums got to know each other a bit better and since they all started school, we have arranged a few meet-ups so the kids could run around and play and we could let off some steam too.

Last weekend, quite a few of us met up again to see how everyone was getting on. I was sent a Party Cake Kit from online suppliers Baking Mad, who offer all you need from the cake and cupcake ingredients and decorations through to the table bits and pieces too, to suit your chosen theme. I thought that if I was going to get baking, then it would be the perfect excuse to get together with the other mums and children.

What's not to love about soft play and cake?!

The kit came with everything I needed to make a showstopper cake (no pressure!) and 12 cupcakes - except for eggs and butter - plus a fantastic cupcake display, plates, napkins, accessories and gift bags. The only thing was there had been a mix up and instead of the superhero or pirate kits I chose, I received the princess set instead. It was really lovely, and the castle shaped cupcake stand was stunning, but there were going to be eight boys and two girls at the party so it wasn't quite right.

Never mind, I used creative license and adapted the cake design a little with star shaped cut-outs and then added edible tiaras to the cupcakes for the two girls then superhero symbols to the cupcakes for the boys.

I found the kit had everything I needed to bake the cake and the cupcakes and the instructions were easy to follow; no step-by-step pictures, but clearly worded and the cakes turned out pretty good. I am no expert baker at all, but I managed to make a cake that was moist and sweet, with a good balance between the cake, the buttercream and the icing.

The kids enjoyed soft play but actually spent quite some time chatting in the party room, over a slice of cake or two, and the mums had chance to catch up and grab a slice for themselves.

Baking Mad is worth checking out if you're planning a party anytime soon. I'd say that the kits they offer are great if you're quite busy and you want the convenience of being sent most things you need, altogether, in one go. You don't have to be hugely skilled but some of the designs are pretty impressive so you can set yourself the challenge - or adapt a little to suit.

The end result no matter what is a tasty cake and a fun theme for your party, so everyone will be happy.

* Sponsored review, all opinions and content my own


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  1. Your cake looks great, we tried a pirate kit and I really enjoyed it as I had never baked before x


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