Friday 19 January 2018

My mama style - the graphic tee

If I was to pick a go-to staple in my wardrobe, a particular item that I love for relaxed mama style it would be the graphic t-shirt. I love a good tee (who doesn't?) and I love typography and quotes so the current trend for saying what's on your mind through fashion is one that I personally love.

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Come the weekend, or on a relaxed weekday, you can throw on a statement t-shirt with a bold design or a fab quote, pair it with some jeans and Converse, and you're good to go. It's a casual look that works for soft play, coffee dates or get-togethers with friends, but it can be dressed up a little too if you add a leather jacket and swap the trainers for some pumps, heels or ankle boots.

It all centres around the tee.

Having a look through my wardrobe, and some of my selfies over the past few months, two things stick out: 1) how many times my hair colour has changed, and 2) my love for bright t-shirts is apparent for all to see.

I'm also fond of being able to personalise things, from gifts to the clothes I wear. In the past couple of years, I have been involved in organising hen parties and a must-have part of our preparations was personalised t-shirts for everyone come along to enjoy the fun. For one, we went with a Minion theme, all wearing yellow t-shirts with our Minion name on, and for another, we had t-shirts transfer printed with pictures of the bride-to-be, over the years when she was a dancer, with a different picture for each person and our names in holographic print featured on the back. They were great for us to wear at the time, and made us all stand out (and our brides smile / cringe!) and they're lovely mementos too of such happy times.

I often think about the types of t-shirts I'd love to find but if you think about it, you could just have one printed with your favourite phrase or quote on if you wanted to. It doesn't just have to be for hen or stag parties that you call upon the t-shirt transfer printing services of a company such as Printsome.

Transfer printed t-shirts offer a high quality and resilient finish, so you can create custom clothing that you will love to wear and that will last a long time too. You can choose what style you want - round neck, crew or v-neck, long-sleeve or short - and what colour option you want from a huge array of colours or opt for a baseball style or combination of colours with a different accent chosen for the neck and arm edges. Essentially, whatever you're thinking of, you can create, with your chosen image and / or text, to make a truly personalised tee that suits your style and the occasion or idea you have in mind.

The statement tee is a staple that's here to stay, so why not create something that's unique to you and your tastes, that no-one else will have?


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