Tuesday 20 February 2018

Five faves from February - #FiveFaves

Spring is almost in sight, don't you think? Maybe it's wishful thinking, but when February rolls around, I start to get excited for the first signs of spring and feel desperate to freshen things up - at home, in my routine and with the things I wear.

In the hopes of some brighter days ahead, here are #FiveFaves from me for the month of February:

1. Daffodils

Who doesn't love this beautiful, bright flower? £1 a bunch, sunshine yellow and they last for ages, I love bringing daffodils home and find they brighten up any corner and make me smile every time I see them.

2. A pop of pink 

I'm a huge fan of Stila and their Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, and whilst it packs a punch, the new Caro shade is a perfect pink pop for your pout. I think it's light enough to wear during the day but best paired with a simpler outfit, so you can let your lips do all the talking.

3. Pom pom earrings

Pom poms, tassels... anything that dangles, I just love how fun this style of earrings are and they're everywhere right now. These are from Primark and it's another way to make something out of even the plainest of clothes.

4. Novelty mugs

Despite the fact that I have been trying recently to cut down on the amount of crockery and nic-naks we have (yeah, good luck with that!), I couldn't resist a couple of fun mugs I've spotted - seriously, Asda is on their A-game when it comes to novelty mugs and dinnerware right now!

I already have one unicorn mug (also Asda) but this one was too pretty to not bring home.

5. Reading - The Lost Symbol

I've struggled these past few years to get back into reading, and it more than often sends me off to sleep within a page or two, but I picked up something easy (read two of Dan Brown's books before and find them to be easy to dip into, and good page turners) and have actually read almost 300 pages. Which is incredible!

Maybe I will reconnect with my inner bookworm once more. Any recommendations gratefully received!

What would your #FiveFaves for February be?


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