Monday 26 February 2018

Happy half term memories

This half term was only the second we've had during Ethan's time at school, and again, I had to work so Ste and Ethan had lots of daddy and son time together. It's only just struck me that now Ethan is in school, we only can have two days together at a time - sometimes one or two more due to Bank Holidays - until the next half term rolls around, and even then, hubs and I have to split these between us to cover as much as we can from both our annual leave allowances.

I know this shouldn't really have been a surprise, but it was more the sense that I felt really sad when leaving them in the morning, hearing about their plans for the day, and thinking to myself how much I can't wait to have a week of the Easter holidays with my little man, just us two, doing whatever we fancy.

I can't wait.

Last week, Ste and Ethan played games, did his homework, watched films and on Thursday, they went to The Old Rep theatre in Birmingham to see a family show and take part in a puppet workshop.

I love unique events such as this and it was a great excuse for them to get out of the house and to do something different together.

Ethan was very excited when I dropped them off in town and really enjoyed the show, but seemed to be particularly enchanted with the puppet workshop. 

This puppet adventure followed the journey of Goggles, a jaunty little wood frog, who leaps unsuspectingly from Little Pond into Big Pond! On a hair-raising ride down Running River she encounters Beardo the Bullrush, Mr Fisher the Heron and Honk the Spotted Skunk in Wide Awake Wood. 'A charismatic and visual show with live music, storytelling and puppets.'

Ste sent me photos and videos throughout and Ethan has played with his shadow puppets ever since he came home.

It was lovely to hear about their day when I came home and a big thank you goes to The Old Rep for inviting them along.

I'm already looking forward to Easter, and having some quality time with my bubs. We will have Easter weekend all together, then I'll have four days to plan and I'm writing a list of things to do.

Do you have any plans over Easter? Is there anything in the Midlands I should be adding to my list?


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