Monday 14 May 2018

Be a mermaid / be a llama

There's a lot of people talking online about their personal journey learning to love themselves and how sometimes social media can be more of a negative experience than a postitive one. So much so, I'd say there is a real trend towards more people finding it ok not to always be ok, and not to always show the 'nice' bits but to open up and talk about the not so nice bits too. And I think that's flippin' brilliant.

I have a post in drafts that I will finish one day, all about why your thirties rock, as I am almost four years in and have to say, by-and-large, I am the most happy I have been, particularly within myself. It's not always easy and I have wobbles like everyone, but I have found a way to enjoy who I am, the way I am, and there is something to knowing yourself as you get older that makes the extra birthdays not really so bad.

If you ever have a wobble, or wobbles, sometimes some words of encouragement can make all the difference. And I have two books filled with word of positivity to share with you in case they're the kind of thing that might give you a boost or a smile when you need it.

The first book is called Be A Llama... and Stay A Little Calmer, (£5.99), by Sarah Ford, available from Octopus Books. It's a great little pick me up for anyone who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, either by work or the pressures of everyday life.

I can relate to this and whilst I have made big changes and made big improvements over the past two years, of course I still have times where things can feel a bit much.

So, meet llama. Llama is sweet natured, sociable and blessed with great hear. Llama is taking on the world... she is doing it one step at a time and staying really, really chilled. Take a leaf out of Llama's book and seek out the calm amidst the chaos. 

The book is beautifully illustrated and full of words and pictures that will make you smile, but that also serve as useful reminders to be kinder and easier to yourself.

By the same author, if you want a reminder to listen to your inner mermaid and regain some power, then Be A Mermaid... and be Independent, be Powerful, be Free (£5.99). Just as motivational and colourful as Llama, this little book is packed full of personality.

Meet Mermaid. Mermaid is happy in her own fins. She is fiercely independent and is just as happy taking herself out for dinner as she is on a night out with the squad. Never one to bow out early, she confronts every challenge head on and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty (though her tail will always be sparkling clean). So let Mermaid guide you through the trials and tribulations of real girl power and you can be sure she'll always have your back.

Couldn't we all learn something from Mermaid?

These are really lovely books and would make for sweet gifts for a friend or family member, to give them some support and something pretty sweet to have sitting on the shelf.

* I received these books for purposes of review but all opinions are my own.


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