Wednesday 2 May 2018

Common Mistakes That Cause Damage To Your Floor

In your home, it is so easy to get slip into unhelpful and comfortable habits. Your floor is no exception – there are many ways in which you could be dramatically reducing the lifespan of your flooring without even knowing it! 
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That is why Luxury Flooring are here with some handy hints and tips to make you aware of the things you should change.

Although it is common to wear shoes in the home, it is strongly advised that you refrain from doing so. They can not only drag in mud and water, but gravel that can cause scratching to the floor as well. Mud of course causes a mess, which if not cleared up instantly can become ingrained and stained. Water too can seep into certain types of flooring, especially wood, which in turn causes damage to the flooring and reduces its durability and lifespan. These things apply to all types of shoes, but with heeled shoes, the risk of denting exists too. The pressure that comes from a stiletto heel is more than most would expect, so put your floor and yourself at ease by only putting them on at the door! Walking without shoes on your floor can really help you appreciate the flooring so much more.

Cleaning Frequency
We know how busy life can get, but a quick sweep or vacuum every day should only take around two minutes. You can even do it during TV ads! If you don't do this enough, any dust and dirt may settle and cause scratching with everyday use. Sweeping or vacuuming everyday serves to protect your floor, whereas mopping with a well-rinsed mop and manufacturer recommended cleaning product every 2 weeks to every month can help your floor look good as new every time. In terms of stains and spillages, these should be cleaned as soon as they occur to prevent them either sinking it and damaging the flooring, or sitting on top and causing a slip risk.

Cleaning Style
People often use the wrong vacuum attachment on their floor and cause ineffective cleaning or abrasion. Make sure you use a soft brush end or use just the nozzle to vacuum your floor, or whatever is recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Similarly, ensure you use a soft bristled brush for sweeping too. In terms of products, again consult the manufacturer, and always test new products or home-made solutions in a hidden area or on a free sample of the product to make sure no bad reaction occurs.

By changing these habits, your floor will last a lot longer, which is very important for those on a budget considering flooring can be costly. If your flooring ever does wear down beyond repair, consider engineered wood flooring, a real wood option that is just as cheap as laminate and vinyl but with much more sophistication and a 25 year average lifespan!


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