Friday 18 May 2018

Dreaming of winning

Who hasn't dreamt of winning big? A lottery jackpot, at the bingo or perhaps through an online gambling game? I don't think there's any harm in dreaming about what could be (or in having a little flutter now and then) so I've been thinking about what I would do if I won a competition, prize draw or a big jackpot...

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Here's what I would probably do with our winnings...

It's impossible to really imagine winning a pot of money, even though I've played a few online games like bingo and we've both done the lottery, been to dog racing or done other small scale gambling - it's fun to have a go, and if you know your limits, it's can be really fun. So, if we were to be win big, I'd be a bit sensible but also a bit impulsive with spending our winnings - I just wouldn't be able to resist a bit of a splash to celebrate!

First of all, if it was a lot of money, I'd buy a house for both my parents and my in-laws, each. I'd then give our closest friends a nice lump sum to help them with their future plans. I'd also set up a trust fund for Ethan, for university and to help him on the property ladder when the time comes.

Once I'd taken care of our loved ones, I'd buy us a new house. Not something ridiculous, but something with plenty of space. I recently went to a party at a barn conversion and the house and the land was incredible. Perhaps I would actually build our own house, exactly the way we want it?

As another cliche, I would buy a new car; my dream car, which is a VW Campervan, and I'd call her Betty Blue.

We'd then take a big American trip and cover off everywhere from New York to Miami to Florida. I'd quite like to go to Canada too. And Norway again. And the land down-under... lots of travel then, I guess!

I'd want to keep working but would have the flexibility to decide what I wanted to do and I've always said that I would set up an animal sanctuary too. 

And of course, I would go to my local Cath Kidston store, have them close it just for me and go on a shopping spree of my life. Followed by a spa weekend with all our friends and family and a big party to celebrate.

Best stop there, otherwise I'll run out of imaginary money...!

If I asked Ethan, he's day he would want to buy ALL the Disney toys at the Disney Store - can never have too many cuddly toys and figures!

He'd then ask us to take me to Disneyworld as he LOVED Disneyland and we would love to have a holiday to remember.


One day, eh?

There's an old saying that you've got to be in it to win it, so if you want to have a flutter and enjoy the excitement of playing online casino games, it's worth taking a look at as you can compare different sites to find the best place to go to suit the games you like and the stakes you are willing to pitch.

The thrill of it can really be a rush and if you win, even just a few pounds, you feel on top of the world. So maybe some of your dreams can become a reality? There's always a chance of winning...

I'll leave you with this now, from my favourite band, Barenaked Ladies, as they have some great ideas for how you could spend a million dollars...


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