Thursday 24 May 2018

Freshen up your home - 18 new design ideas

Our home is our very own space and whether it is an expansive pad or something far more modest, it is a place where we can just 'be'. It should reflect our tastes, our lifestyle and the things we enjoy the most.

 Written in association with Balustrade Components

Our house wouldn't be to everyone's tastes but that doesn't matter, as the way we have decorated it suits our style. I like white walls because of the clean finish it gives but I am also a big fan of colour so this makes a big appearance in all the rooms.

A feature wall of yellow in the lounge and deep blue in the bedroom; red alcoves in the dining room as a backdrop to our dresser and bureau; oranges and teals in Ethan's dinosaur themed bedroom.

The last rooms we gave a full makeover to were the lounge, where we opted for a yellow and grey theme, our bedroom, with steely greys and blues, and the hall where we went for soft grey/blue on the walls and monochrome frames with other accessories.

Life is in colour and so is our home! It really does reflect our personality and I like finding new things to add to our rooms, and can be influenced by changing of the seasons as well as new interior trends. I've loved the recent trend towards kitsch accessories and am the proud owner of a cactus vase (possibly the most Instagram-worthy item we have in the house!) but I am feeling the need to freshen things up a bit now that summer is on its way.

So what are the latest interior design trends to look out for? The experts at Balustrade Components have put together a round up of the 18 key looks and trends in home design for this year and I for one am excited. From vibrant ethnic fabrics to touches of glamour, there is plenty to be inspired by here...

Which trend has got you excited? How will you update your home this summer?


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