Friday 20 July 2018

Advice for the pregnant bride: dress alterations, tips and tricks!

Expecting and engaged? Congratulations!

So, you’re engaged! You’ve purchased the dress of your dreams, booked an amazing venue and have everything all planned out, success! But then you find out you’re pregnant. With your special day getting closer and closer, dress stress can kick in.

But don’t panic!
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While this time should be filled with surprises and anticipation, this new and exciting chapter of your life may also pose a bit of a challenge. After all, you’re not going to wait until a few weeks before to know if the dress will work for you. So, what do you do?

There’s no denying that planning a wedding while you’re pregnant is more challenging than it might otherwise be, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Having worked with dozens of pregnant brides, leading Manchester wedding gown alterations company, Alterations Boutique, fills us in on their top tips to ensure a perfect fit, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at!

Contact your wedding dress designer as soon as possible

Usually, it takes four to six months to get your wedding dress once you order it. This means that you’re likely to already have found and purchased your ideal gown by the time you find out about your future bundle of joy. The problem? Chances are your belly will have grown exponentially by the time you finally slip into it.

Most wedding dress designers will stock extra fabric that can be used for alterations. Ask sooner rather than later – they may need to order it in. Similarly, if they don’t carry extra fabric samples, they’re likely to stock similar fabrics and can best advise you on a similar material or pattern. This way, you’ll be certain that, if additional material is needed, it won’t ruin your overall look.

When to start your alteration process

Make sure your chosen seamstress or wedding dress alterations business knows sooner rather than later. Book an initial appointment to chat with them. While you won’t have a strong idea of what size you’re going to need by the time your big day arrives, experienced tailors will be able to guide you through the process. Take your dress with you, too – this way, they’ll be able to see exactly how much fabric they have to play with and will be able to give you an idea on what additional textiles they may need. 

Alterations Boutique suggest waiting as long as you can to have the final bridal alterations done. Book your fittings as early as possible but schedule them for as close as you can to your wedding day. Just remember to give your tailor enough time to actually complete the work!

By leaving major alterations until as late as possible, you’re more likely to be certain that your dress will fit perfectly on the day itself. By altering your gown early, it might be harder to rectify later down the line. For example, if you think that only the hem needs to be lifted, wait until a few weeks before – your seamstress may need to raise the waistline too to accommodate your growing bump, and prematurely altering could mean that the hem might then be too short.

So, what different alterations are there?

No matter the style of your wedding dress, even the simplest of gown alterations can help you to feel your best. Wedding gown alterations specialists will know the best solution for your specific dress. Here’s what they can do:

           Panels and Corsets:
Adding a panel in place on buttons or a sip, and then securing this with an added corset will allow room for your bump, as well as highlighting the smallest part of your waist.
           Seam Alterations:
Your seamstress or tailor will be able to let out or take in the seams of your dress accordingly to best fit your changing body.
           Hem Lengthening and Waist Restyling:
If your bump is going to be on the larger size by the time your wedding day comes around, hem lengthening may be a necessary step, especially if the waistline of your dress has been altered for your shape and size.
           Strap Alterations and Neckline Reshaping:
Pregnancy brings with it a whole lot of changes - from hormones to bloating, a growing bust to morning sickness, feeling comfortable is key. Altering the neckline or straps of your wedding dress can make a huge difference in helping you to feel stress-free and put you at ease.

Embrace Your Body!

Lastly, embrace your pregnant body! Sure, we all have a goal in mind when it comes to our bridal bodies, but just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to have be ‘perfect’, and every body is beautiful! Enjoy your day, celebrate with your loved ones and revel in the fact that your little bundle of joy is playing a part (albeit small) on your day. Pregnancy, and marriage, are huge steps – so don’t feel guilty about needing a little extra room!


Top Wedding Tips:

-    Choose sensible shoes:
While bridal shoes, for most women, are one of the most exciting wedding purchases, be conscious of the fact that your feet and ankles will probably swell when pregnant. Why not try flats instead? If you’re determined to wear those 6 inch heels you’ve had your eye on for years, bringing a pair of flip flops is a great idea. After all, they’ll probably be hidden by your dress, so no one will ever know!

-    Get jewellery that you can easily remove:
For example, you may want to purchase a back-up ring in a slightly larger size if your fingers swell, and then you can wear your official wedding ring after you’ve given birth.  Similarly, wearing bracelets and necklaces with simple clasps can mean that you can more easily take put them on or them off if they’re irritating you.

-     Be mindful of pregnancy dietary needs:
Make sure that you have pregnancy-friendly food and drinks for you to enjoy on your day, and that your menu is catered to exclude those foods that might be dangerous. If you want to let your guests enjoy everything, make sure you have suitable alternatives. Keep in mind, also to contact the venue beforehand to make sure they have a range of non-alcoholic drinks – no one wants to just sip water on their wedding day!


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