Wednesday 22 August 2018

6 stress-free ways for creatives to earn extra cash online

These days, it seems like everyone is on the hunt for a fast way to start making cash on the internet. In a world where companies everywhere are beginning to embrace the benefits of hiring part-time remote workers, contractors, and freelancers to help them with digital tasks, there are endless ways for people to start padding their bank account with a little extra income while working from home. 

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If you've got a creative mind or a particular skill that gives you something special to sell, then you're already on the right path towards success. Here, we're going to look at some of the simplest and most stress-free ways that creative people can earn cash online. 

1. Narrate Audiobooks
If you've got a clear and appealing voice, and you don't mind talking for hours at a time, then you could always offer your services as a narrator. The audiobook industry is on the rise as more people choose to listen to the books that they enjoy, rather than reading them. After all, you can't read a novel while you're driving to work. 

There are plenty of sites out there that recruit for audiobook readers. To be in with a shot at success, you'll need to have a good voice, and a history of audio acting won't hurt either. You may also need to invest in a high-quality microphone and audio editing set-up too. 

2. Write and Sell your Own Book
If you're more the kind of person that likes creating books, rather than reading them to others, then why not write your own novel? Lots of people dream of writing a book, and if you have some spare time in your life, there will always be a market for a great story. You can upload your book to Amazon's self-publishing page to get yourself started and start selling books online as soon as your first draft is ready. 

It's worth paying someone to go through, and proofread your book before you sell it online if you are publishing yourself,howeverThis will help to keep your risk of embarrassing errors and typos to a minimum. 

3. Join a Freelance Network 
If you have a passion for writing, but creating your own book doesn't appeal to you, then you could always try being a part-time marketer and writing blogs, or emails for people around the world. You can do this by joining a freelance network like, Guru, Fiverr, or UpWorkWhile it might take a while to start earning some really good cash from this gig, if you find the right clients, you'll be on your way to success in no time.

You can also join a freelance network if you have other skills besides writing, such as graphic design talents, or knowledge of video creation. 

4. Build Websites
If you have an eye for technology, then you're sure to find work building websites for local companies, and even businesses around the world. There are plenty of sites online today that can teach you the basics of coding if you're just getting started on this avenue for the first time. As your skills grow, you can even think about moving beyond websites and exploring things like software design as well. 

When you start to build a name for yourself, you'll be able to advertise your services through email marketing, social media, and other strategies to draw new clients your way. 

5. Sell your Crafts on Etsy
If your skills lie mostly offline, but you want to look for a way to combine the digital world with your talents, then you could always try creating items that you can sell on a website like Etsy. As the most popular market around for hand-made crafts and goods, Etsy sells everything from furniture, to jewelry and more. As long as you have the space to start creating and storing your own items, you could turn your Etsy business into a full-time source of income. 

You can also run your very own eCommerce store if your sales start to take off on Etsy. Tools like Shopify make it easy for anyone to start selling items through their own website. 

6. Be an Influencer 
Finally, if you're a huge fan of social media, and you always seem to have a ton of followers, then you could make a serious amount of money just by working on your social presence. Some of the biggest brands in the world spend thousands of dollars just to get an influencer to give their products a shout-out. 

While it's not always easy to build a strong social following, if you already have a lot of people who turn to you for advice, this could be a great way to make some extra cash.

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