Friday 31 August 2018

8 Interesting Facts Related To Laminate Flooring

If you are following home renovations shows like Love it or List it, you might have seen the interior designers opting for practical and stylish flooring that fits for every type of homeowner. This kind of flooring is called laminate flooring and it is definitely trending. Below are some facts related to laminate flooring that will surely surprise you.
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1. Eco-friendliness – Lamination is done via high density fiberboard. The fiberboard is made by using a substantial force, which presses wooden chips together.

2. As compared to a traditional hardwood structure, you need to cut an entire tree to obtain your wood whereas for laminate floorings, your wood chips are obtained from any part of the tree.

3. Installation on top of another layer – Lamination can be done on multiple floors. Without using nails or sheer force to damage the lower floor, you can provide lamination on an existing floor. Known as ‘floating floor’, you don’t remove lower floors in hopes of installing a quick lamination. They are also easy to cut, so no fancy tools are needed for lamination installation.

4. Cleaning made easy – You will never have to wax your laminate flooring. Also, do not use excessive moisturiser or water for cleaning purpose. To clean a surface, use vinegar solution or company recommended chemical.


5. Made by a printer – It may appear awkward but yes, a HD printer is used to compose the top layer of lamination. Via 3D printing process, a thin layer of ‘living paper’ is obtained, which makes your laminated floor robust.

6. Scratch resistant - Coats of aluminum oxide are used to cover the ‘living paper’ so that lamination is resistant to scratch.

7. Harder than hardwood – Hardwood is costly as well as less sturdy as compared to lamination. Lamination gets the credit of having one of the hardest wooden materials, in terms of high density fiberboard.

8. Locking feature - Not to be confused in terms of house protection but yes, the locking feature of lamination protects the overall lamination sheet and makes the installation process faster. Each piece is made to lock with other pieces using a unique installation method, which ensures that overall, a flat and seamless symmetry is obtained.


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