Thursday 16 August 2018

A lighter slice - Dr Oetker Yes It's Pizza review

Anyone who knows me knows I love pizza. I LOVE it! In fact, so does hubs and Ethan. It's easily our favourite takeaway, and we regularly buy a frozen pizza or two to have in the freezer as a quick meal option. What's not to love? The crispy base, rich sauce, melting cheese... I'm making myself hungry just writing this!

Well, one thing not to love so much is perhaps how eating too much pizza isn't really a good thing, as they aren't the lightest meal you can enjoy.

Until now!

Indulging my love of the round Italian delight that is pizza, I've discovered a lighter alternative that's full of veggies and flavour, and is really quite delicious.

Yes It's Pizza, from DrOetker.

This range offers two different colourful pizzas, one with 35% beetroot used in its base, the other with spinach, so create something that's different and a lot lighter than other pizzas.

I was kindly sent vouchers so I could try both of these out and whilst looking different, and rather appealing, I can honestly say they are very flavoursome. They cook like a normal pizza and just taste really fresh, plus you're not left with a really heavy feeling afterwards like to you can be if you overindulge.

These are the two varieties you can pick up from the supermarket now (RRP £3 each, currently in Asda for £2 each):

* Yes It’s Pizza Beetroot Base is topped with zesty zucchini, smoked ham, cheese and red onion all served on a base that includes 35% pure beetroot in the dough to create a vibrant taste sensation. (743 calories if you don't share a slice!)

* Yes It’s Pizza Spinach Base is topped with creamy mozzarella, broccoli and mushrooms all served on a base that includes 35% pure spinach in the dough - the perfect veggie feast. (629 calories if you have the whole thing to yourself!)

I really liked both of these pizzas. The beetroot one has a nice smoked flavour to it because of the ham, and the spinach one is really nice too.

Whilst I may still treat myself to a standard pizza, these will be regulars in my shopping trolley. They're pretty light in comparison anyone, but you could easily share these and serve with a fresh salad.

Highly recommended and relatively guilt free!


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