Friday 3 August 2018

Best activities to do outdoors with the kids

If you want to get the whole family outdoors this summer, there’s a lot of fun outdoor activities you can try. However, it can be difficult coming up with ideas when you’ve already exhausted your brain during the first week of the school holidays!

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To help, here you’ll discover some of the best activities to do outdoors with the kids.

Hide and Seek

Few games match the excitement of hide and seek, so why not introduce it to your kids this summer? While it’s largely played indoors, switching to playing the game outdoors can add a whole new level of fun.

Obviously, you’ll want to ensure your kids are going to be safe when playing hide and seek outdoors. Have a clear diameter of where your children can go and make sure there’s always an adult watching over where everyone is hiding. That way, nobody is going to get lost!


If your kids don’t already own one, a scooter is a fantastic activity to invest in. You can even buy them for the whole family. The great thing about scooters is they can be used in the back yard, along your street, or in the local park.

You could even ramp up the excitement and buy your kids a stunt scooter. You can pick these up from companies such as Skatehut. They come in a wide range of designs, ensuring there’s one to suit each child.

Nature walks

What better way to get your kids out of the house than to take them on a nature walk? Kids are fascinated by nature and you can use this to your advantage when you’re desperate to get outdoors.

Head off on a nature walk to your local park, woods or even in your own back yard. You can either simply enjoy a short walk, seeing what kind of nature you come across, or you could plan ahead and organise a nature hunt. This would include giving your kids a sheet of paper with several things they might see. Their task is to identify them and tick them off as they go along. 

These are just a few suggestions of outdoor activities the family can enjoy. There’s so many ways to get your kids out of house this summer. By taking part in any of these activities, you’ll also end up having a blast! So, pick one of the above ideas the next time you’re struggling to find something suitable for your kids to do outdoors.


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