Monday 6 August 2018

Garden ideas and home security

It's summer, we are still in a heatwave and so of course, our attention turns to how we can make the most of the warmer, brighter months. Getting the chance to take some time off work and enjoy being at home, and the sunny climes we're experiencing, means that I have started to spot odd jobs here or there or think about ideas as to how we can improve our home and our very own great outdoors - our garden.

* Collaborative post

Our garden, front and back, is neglected most of the time and we only really use the patio space to care for our two rabbits, so with the weather being that much kinder, it's really nice to use our outdoor space a little more.

Hubs always has a project on - currently, we have colour changing lights in several rooms, and one of those video doorbells - and he has some big ideas for what we could transform our outdoor areas into one day. A new patio area, decking at the end of the back garden with a garden house, possibly some artificial grass to help with maintenance.

He would definitely add some of the light features we have inside the house into the garden too. Straight with the practical side of things, we need a new security light for the back so we can see what we are doing when it's dark and Watson, our dog is running around, or when we check on the bunnies, and one for the front of the house, like the LED security lights from LED Hut, would also be useful and provide some reassurance too.

Our home is our castle, so making sure it's secure and has the bells and whistles that help to make life that little bit easier too, is important to us.

I can see the security lights leading into ground and decking lights, solar lights... as I say, we have some pretty big ideas for our garden and Ste does love his gadgets!

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