Friday 28 September 2018

Hen party ideas for a pregnant bride

A hen night is one of the most special nights for a bride to be and also one of the precious duties of a maid of honour. While hen parties are usually made up of lots of booze, dancing and hen do activities, it doesn’t have to mean that a pregnant bride cannot have fun at her last night as a Ms.

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Booze can be replaced with non-alcoholic margaritas, there can still be a little bit of casual dancing, nothing too strenuous and there are plenty of hen do activities for an expecting bride to enjoy. Depending on how far along the bride is in her pregnancy, you can plan a day or an entire weekend filled with relaxed and yet fun activities that will make for a memorable hen do.

Here are some cool hen do ideas for the pregnant bride:

1.Spa and Salon Day
Any bride, not just a pregnant bride, will enjoy an entire day at the spa getting her hair and nails done. There is nothing like a relaxed day spent having professionals pamper you with massages and mani pedi. There are many salons and spas that provide a special place dedicated for hen parties, so you can ask for some alterations if the bride would like that. For example, the room temperature, the aroma can be altered as per the comforts of the pregnant bride.

2. Movie and Pizza
Order a gigantic pizza with some non-alcoholic margaritas for the bride to be, while the non-pregnant bridesmaids can sip on some wine and enjoy a chick flick. You can get a large projector and screen, put up some lights, decorate the place with balloons, ribbons etc. and make a great night of it for the bride to be. This hen do idea is perfect for a pregnant bride who doesn’t want to exert too much, go to bed at the proper time and still laugh along with her friends.

3. Workshops and Classes
There are plenty of workshops and classes which a pregnant bride to be, can take. You can enroll everyone in a chocolate making, cupcake making, pizza making, Chinese cuisine making class (you can customise the cuisine as per your wish). You can also enroll everyone for a dance or music class depending on how far along the bride is in her pregnancy and whether she can take such a class or not. If a strenuous class is not well suitable to the pregnant bride, then you can opt for something more comfortable and doable for the pregnant bride. The best way to figure out what will be suitable for the bride, is by giving her the options and letting her choose.

4. Shopping and Dinner
What’s better than taking your best friend and her bump, out for an entire day of shopping and then dinner at her favourite restaurant ? Ask all the hen gang members to pitch in and ask the bride of the day to splurge on whatever she wants at her favourite store and hog on whatever tastes good at her favourite restaurant. I can assure you the pregnant bride will love to be told, ‘buy whatever you want and eat whatever you like!’ This will not be too strenuous for the bride and her bump, and will be a lot of fun for the entire hen gang as well.

Keeping all the hen night ideas aside, the aim of a hen do for a pregnant bride is to make it a lot of fun and celebratory, without making her feel she’s too pregnant to have fun and exerting her too much. Don’t let a bump on a belly be a bump on the road to an amazing hen do for your BFF. If you want to make it more lovely, throw a baby shower and a hen do together, making it all the more special and fun. This will give you lots more hen do ideas which can also include celebrating the new life your friend is about to bring into the world. So get going and plan the perfect hen do for the perfect, pregnant bride.


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