Tuesday 13 November 2018

How durable is rattan garden furniture?

There is nothing that can match up to natural things, but what if we tell you that for your outdoor space , we have something even better, yes the HDPE manufacture rattan garden furniture

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Also famous as synthetic rattan, this younger cousin of natural rattan has been very much in demand since it came and is now one of the most preferred choices of UK homeowners for reasons best known to everyone. However, we still have put on the points together that make rattan garden furniture the first and the foremost choice of homeowners in UK.

Natural rattan vs. HDPE rattan

There is no denying the fact that nothing can beat the beauty of the natural rattan and if you are planning investing in indoors furniture, natural rattan is an excellent choice. Constructed and weaved from Palms that grow in South East Asia, and yes it looks extremely beautiful.

Maintaining is also easy. Wipe off the dust and dirt gently with a soft cloth. Or for a stubborn stain, well you can use a mild soap solution. If you see any dirt accumulate din the weaves, use an old toothbrush to take it out and you see your rattan furniture shining again and stays better for many years.

HDPE rattan stays sturdy for both indoors and outdoors. Being constructed from high quality HDPE and weaves over rust proof aluminium frames, you can leave them outdoors all throughout the year without any worries of wear and tear. In the rains, it will not swell or get mouldy. You can keep it beside the pool, no issue with chlorine, at the beach -  no issues with salt; so all in all HDPE rattan garden furniture makes for a wise investment.

HDPE Rattan Garden furniture is highly durable

Natural rattan and both HDPE rattan are extremely durable however, natural rattan cannot be left in the outdoors without covers or protectors. HDPE rattan at Brooks comes with 10 year all weather proof guarantee and the cushions are flame retardant to UK fire safety standards. You can machine wash them and yes you can change the covers to change the setting or bring in a pop of colour. Being UV resistant reduces the worries of fading or chipping off the furniture.

With natural rattan, only natural shades are available. However, with HDPE rattan, this is not the case. You can look for colours like grey, white, brown etc. to match the decor.

HDPE Rattan Garden Furniture is maintenance free

A damp piece of cloth or even a jet of stream from hose pipe will clear off the dirt and dust. You can then leave it in the sun to dry. The cushions even are waterproof and so you need not run taking them indoors when it rains or snows. Since the rattan is weaved over rust proof aluminium frames, there is no chance that you notice any corrosion. And then at Brooks, we are offering 10 year weatherproof guarantee too.

HDPE rattan comes in variety of styles

The manufacturers after realising the potential benefits of HDPE rattan, have come up with multitude of styles in garden furniture. At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, you can choose from day beds, sun loungers, sofa sets, corner sets, coffee table, foot stools, dining sets, cube sets, storage boxes, round shaped, square shape; we custom design as well. Feel free to visit us and see our extensive range yourselves.

Beware of cheap rattan garden furniture

HDPE rattan garden furniture is affordable than the natural rattan but that does not means that anything that comes cheap in the name of rattan furniture will stand testimony to the durability and sturdiness of the furniture. At Brooks, we offer our customer extra thick padded cushions for added comfort and luxury. The weaves are done intricately with hands employing the traditional age old methods by our expert artisans so there is no compromise with the quality at any stage. Then each of our products undergoes strict quality checks before leaving the stores and reaching the customer.

Investing in rattan garden furniture is a wise decision but make sure it does not turns into nightmare just because you fell prey to cheap alternatives sold in the name of rattan garden furniture. Invest mindfully!


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