Thursday 1 November 2018

Personalised fun and fine art prints - great gift idea for the family!

As Halloween has passed now, it's ok to mention Christmas now, right? And as part of that, we can start thinking about buying presents, yes?! To be fair, I know plenty of people who get their Christmas shopping done early and I have got through most of ours as baby is due early December and I wanted to get it ticked off my list as soon as possible.

I really like creating, and receiving, personalised gifts and have recently tried a new website that helps turn your favourite photos into a striking piece of art - so more than just a standard canvas, you can create something truly unique.

The website is Pictabulous and it allows you to create custom art prints from your own photos. The process couldn't be easier; you choose the style you like - fantasy, fun or fine art - then you upload your chosen photo. You can choose from different canvas sizes and then all you need to do is pay, submit the order and the creatives at Pictabulous will transform your photo into a work of art.

A few days later, you'll receive a proof of your canvas so you can approve or request for any amends to be made, then it will be sent to print.

The fantasy collection is quite stunning, and great for photos of little ones.

The fun options include caricatures, line drawings, pop art and splash art too.

The fine art designs include oil painting style, watercolour, impressionist or impasto, so you can literally turn a photo of your family into a piece of art.

We opted for the fun style, and pop art finish, as we like bold colours and thought this would make for a bold print for our home. We chose a photo of Ethan, wearing bright colours already, and showing off some of his cheeky and fun personality, and left the Pictabulous team to work their magic.

The resulting design packs a punch and when the finished canvas arrived, we were impressed by the quality of the print and the frame. It's very solid and well made, and the colours really pop.

We think it's a fun option and something different, so if you're struggling to think of gift ideas for Christmas, it's one idea that's a bit unexpected and definitely memorable.

* Our print is pop art, portrait, 8'' x 10'' and was priced at £35. We received it for purposes of review, all opinions my own.


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