Friday 9 November 2018

Take note: stylish notebooks for stationery addicts - and more designer options for the home from Crowdyhouse

I love stationery and since creating my little work nook in the dining-room-turned-den, I've really enjoyed using and working in this space. It's a pretty corner of our home and a place to store special bits of stationery, including some beautiful notepads from the 5mm Paper collection by designer houseware site Crowdyhouse.

Offering a range of beautiful items, from prints to home accessories and even jewellery, Crowdyhouse is all about bringing designer style into any home, with affordable prices. They work with local independent designers and pride themselves on the style and unique range that gives you something different to what you can find on the high street or from large-scale stores.

And it was love at first sight.

I really like finding new brands and love adding new finds to my home, so it was great to be introduced to this company. The pieces are different and suit a contemporary or Scandi influenced home, and whilst they boast a design edge, they don't cost the earth either.

Of course, I was naturally drawn to the notebooks - a girl can never have too many, in my opinion - and 5mm Paper has some really striking designs featuring geometric and watercolour inspired patterns and bold typography. I bloomin' love a good bit of typology!

5mm Paper is a brand for home decor and lifestyle products. We create practical and contemporary design products for daily use. By following trends in design we create products with a unique touch and make them accessible to a large audience. Launched in the autumn of 2017 with a first collection of notebooks called 'Beautiful Mess'. A series of notebooks with unique patterns which are created by hand through an old Turkish painted method 'Ebru'. A traditional technique is used and translated into a modern product for daily life.

I fell for the Beautiful Mess notebooks, priced at £7.58 each or £21.25 for the complete set of four. They arrived within a week and the presentation was just perfect too, with each notebook individual wrapped, with a descriptive wrap, plastic pocket and a premium paper pouch sealed with a coordinating patterned sticker. It was a shame to open them!

The designs are really something and the quality of the paper, importantly, is very good, with a firm binding that still allows for the notebook to be laid flat.

Again, it's actually a shame to use them, they are that lovely!

A lovely addition to any workspace, and one that you won't want to hide away, these are also a great option for gifts; buying the complete set to share around or individual items that catch your eye. It's well worth checking out the collections from Crowdyhouse if you are looking for something special to give a friend or family member, especially if they like great design.

* I received the items featured for purposes of review - opinions are always my own.


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