Monday 31 December 2018

18 memories and highlights from 2018

And so that was Christmas. And what have we done? As 2018 draws to a close, I thought it would be a good time to think back to the year that has been and reflect on the highlights, happy memories and achievements of the past 12 months.

So here's my 18 greatest hits of 2018...

  1. We kicked off the year in the best way possible - with a trip to Disneyland Paris! It was a surprise holiday for Ethan, and it started with a trip down to Gatwick on New Years Day. Ethan had no idea and we had a great four days away, seeing our favourite characters and riding lots of rides - and watching the parades every day.
  2. Disney is a big deal in our house, so when we had the chance to work with Disney On Ice, and to be featured in their promotion campaign, we were all super excited. It was great fun to work on.
  3. In May, Ethan turned 5 and we hosted a pirate themed party at our local David Lloyd, which was so much fun and our little man was so excited by.
  4. For Father's Day, we went to Conkers for the first time and I was filled with pride as I saw my little man and my hubby simultaneously tackle high rope adventures 
  5. I continued working on my MA, and over the summer completed a 12,000 word dissertation, whilst working full time. And running a house. Oh, and growing a baby!
  6. I was able to use a fair bit of annual leave over the summer holiday and got to enjoy lots of activities, days out and quality time at home with Ethan. I really feel like we did a lot together.
  7. Ethan started Year 1 in September. At first, he wasn't sure as he loved his reception teacher, but he soon got settled in and has been doing well and learning lots.
  8. We went to see one of my favourite artists, Steven Page (formerly of Barenaked Ladies, my favourite band) - only the second time I have seen him live and it was a fantastic gig.
  9. We visited Warner Bros. Studio Tour London again and as a huge Harry Potter fan, I was well and truly in my element.
  10. My birthday was spent just me and the hubs to begin with. We went to some flower fields in the morning then for lunch and a film, finished with some shopping and then a meal with little man too. My kind of birthday!
  11. A group of us went to Butlins Skegness in August and it was a lovely few days, even if the nice weather of the summer only stuck with us for one day of our break.
  12. We visited my parents a few times throughout the year (they live in Hampshire) and spent a day on the Watercress Line, with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, which was so much fun and great for us to enjoy as a whole family.
  13. Two of our best friends welcomed their baby girl in September, adding to our friendship group.
  14. I was nominated for a few awards and recognised of work I have done this year at my work, which was really nice and a moment of pride for me.
  15. I got to meet Fearne Cotton at a press event which was fantastic. I've been a fan of hers for years and working with Boots Mini Club was great and I got to meet the lady herself - as well as take Ethan to London, for only the second time in his life and for the first time on my own. I was pretty nervous at first but we had a good day jumping on and off the underground!
  16. October was a busy month, starting with pumpkin picking, which we had never done before but really enjoyed and we took lots of special photos as a family.
  17. This little blog of mine turned six in November - a whole six years of sharing my life, loves and adventures in motherhood. So grateful for the opportunities my blog, and some hard work in my spare time, has provided. And for all the people who kindly read these posts!
  18. Our baby. Not yet introduced on here, but if you follow me, @tobecomemum, on Instagram etc, you'll have met our baby boy. You thought I had forgotten him, didn't you?! Of course, 2018 has been the year we tried for him, found out we were having him, prepared for him, kept him safe and warm as he grew in my belly, then finally welcomed him into the world on Wednesday 19th December - our Sullivan Elden. An official introduction to our second beautiful boy will follow this week, along with my birth story, but for now, here's a peak at my bubs...


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