Thursday 13 December 2018

The most cleverly designed baby changing bag ever?!

I was ALL about the changing bag last time around, and had a few that I went through with Ethan; one that was a gift, then I loved the Yummy Mummy designs, then I looked for something bigger... what can i say, I love bags!

It's really important to find one that works for you. Whether you want something that's gender-neutral, so it suits whichever gender your baby turns out to be or both you and your partner are happy using it, or you want a changing bag that looks anything but, there's a lot of choice out there so you're bound to find something that works for you.

And until you do actually have the baby, you won't always know which one will work for you in practice, as I found out last time. I even shared my ideas for turning any bag into a changing bag.

This baby around, we actually have three changing bags. One came free with our Cosatto Giggle 2 bundle (a nice bonus, and it matches our travel system too), another is a messenger style bag that bubs likes, and the other is the Land multi-functional changing backpack. I came across it on Instagram and quickly headed to eBay as there's several shops you can buy it from for a bargain price (I believe I bought this one for around £24.99).

So, why do I think that this is perhaps the most clever baby changing bag ever?

Well, every single part of it is designed to make use of space, provide a pocket for everything and to help make your life easier.

Here's what I like about it...

  • It's a backpack - really handy for days out, especially if you have another child, and it won't weigh down on one shoulder the more you cram into it.
  • It comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, and has a wipe-clean finish.
  • The main section of the bag has a frame to it, so you can open up the top and it will hold in place, so you can have a good look inside.
  • The outer pouch has plenty of room for bottles, easily accessed.

  • On one side, there's a pouch for baby wipes, so you don't event have to get the wipes out of your bag to be able to use them.
  • There's a hidden pocket in the back, so you can put your phone or wallet inside and access this without digging through everything else.

  • On the back, at the bottom, there is a zip which allows you to get to something at the bottom of the bag without having to open it from the top - genius! 

Time will tell if we love this bag when we actually have baby and can use it out and about, but I do think it is super clever and would make trips out a bit easier and more organised.

This is where I bought mine from on eBay - may have to buy another print (or two), I just can't help myself...

See what was in my changing bag when Ethan was one year old, and again when he was two years old.


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