Monday 21 January 2019

How To Have An Amazing Family Holiday In Santorini

Santorini might be known for being a romantic island that honeymooners visit to have a relaxing break, but have you ever thought about taking your family there? You will find that Santorini is actually perfect for families because there are some great family orientated places to stay and lots of activities on offer to keep you all entertained. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to have the ideal family holiday in Santorini. Keep reading to find out more.

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Visit The Other Islands
If you want to keep your family entertained and get the most out of your holiday, then make sure to visit some of the other Greek islands. You will find that there is so much to see, and your kids will love taking the ferry to see what the other islands are like. Some of the other popular islands include Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes which all have lots to do for families of any age. Getting to these islands are easy enough and you should be able to find regular ferry trips leaving from Santorini beaches.  This makes it incredibly easy for you to explore other areas of Greece.  

Stay In A Villa
It can be tempting to stay in a hotel with your family when they offer lower prices for children, but this is not always the best option. You will find that there are some suitable Santorini villas for rent on this island from reputable companies such as Loyal Villas luxury which are perfect for families. You’ll have your own space, be able to keep your family together and cook meals in the kitchen making it the ultimate family experience. 
Santorini villas come with many different options, so you are sure to find something that will suit your specific requirements. 

Visit The Volcano
Have your kids ever seen a volcano before? This is an incredible experience that they are sure to love, and you’ll get to experience something completely new as well. In Santorini, there is a volcano along with some hot springs that you can actually swim in. To get to the volcano, you’ll need to take a boat trip, but this comes with dinner as well as some fantastic scenic views. The volcano is a must-see when you visit Santorini and it is something which your kids will remember forever.

Visit Beaches In The Morning
When you have kids, you need to make sure that they are protected against the sun and any other effects of hot weather. This is why we recommend that you visit the beaches in Santorini in the morning. During this time, it won’t be as hot as the afternoon tends to be the hottest time of the day. You can use the afternoon to go off and have some lunch in your villa or a nearby local, authentic restauarants. Be cautious of the sun and stick to morning time for beach visits.

Make sure to take on board all of our tips for having an amazing family holiday in Santorini.

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