Monday 4 February 2019

Baby boy bargain clothes haul, February - Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Primark, Boots, Matalan and John Lewis!

Why is it that boys clothes often seem so unimaginative? Awash with greys and blues, and usually with a car motif, it really does seem to me that clothes for boys just aren't as interesting or fun as they could be, or as they are for girls.

Am I right?

Sullivan is my second boy and the problem now isn't much better than it was when I had Ethan, or when I shop for Ethan now. Go into many stores, and you'll see the girls' section is usually far bigger than the boys. Whilst pink still dominates quite often, clothes for girls seem to be more playful and they have far more clothing options; boys seem destined to wear joggers, tees and sweatshirts forever.

Of course, Ethan and Sullivan will wear joggers, tees and sweatshirts, but all I want is a bit of personality and something more creative than just block colours in the most obvious shades, and the odd giant slogan to try and pep things up a bit.

On a mission to inject some colour and something different into Sulley's wardrobe, now he's firmly in the 03 month category and will no doubt be in 3-6 months before I know it, I went to Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Matalan, plus Boots and John Lewis, in one day to see what I could find for my baby boy... without breaking the bank and trying to break from the norm just a little.

Here's what I picked...


Love these joggers and yellow is my fave colour - both £5 each


Lots of colours to choose from, £5 each

All £6 each


£8 for the three piece tiger set (good to mix and match with other items)


Dinosaur bottom joggers, about £6 I think

£8 for three tees

A bargain at £3


Each set was £12 I believe, but there's currently a buy one get one half price offer on


I love dungarees! These were £9

John Lewis

I was surprised at JL as I thought they'd be expensive - some things are, but generally the baby clothes are creative and a good price for good quality, these were £9

Love this print - comes in trousers and a dress too

Bargain in the sale, £5 for the pair

Where do you find is good for boys' clothes?

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