Wednesday 20 February 2019

Does Your Child Need A Maths Tutor?

We were all young students once and we also remember the days when we had to sit and learn math. It's a known fact that most students have great difficulty understanding mathematical concepts, but ignoring the problem can negatively impact a child's psyche. You may have even attempted to offer your own help with little in the way of positive results. Teaching a child math involves patience as well as a solid understanding of the subject.

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How can you help your child, you ask?

Getting your child the help he or she needs is as simple as hiring a maths tutor. In fact, one to one tuition offers a wealth of overlooked benefits we'll discuss below.

Tutoring Builds Confidence

A low grade on a test may seem like a passing phase to you, but it can really impact a child's confidence. Tutoring is the only scientifically proven method of boosting a student's confidence while teaching them the skills they need to succeed.

Maths scores impact future grades in school. Tutoring goes beyond the surface to help understand potential learning problems and address them head on. Remember: a child with confidence problems won't speak up in class and will second guess their answers, which is why tutoring makes a difference.

Tutoring Offers Personalised Help

In a world where everything is categorised and mass produced, learning shouldn't be! Whether your chosen tutor comes to your home in person or you've chosen them online, he or she can offer your child their full attention.

Students can certainly reach out to their math teachers for help after school, but that rarely works. First and foremost, it's important to understand where in the curriculum your child's problems lie. Additionally, teachers have to work at a fast pace— even if it means leaving some students behind.

A tutor will focus entirely on your child and help identify his or her problem areas while working with you to create personalized lessons. Doing so will improve test scores significantly!

Understanding Boosts Test Scores

An important benefit of professional tutoring services include higher test scores for your child. At first, you will see your child bring home low test scores and poor grades in general. This is a result of one of two things: a lack of subject understanding or no motivation to succeed.

A tutor can help motivate a child and boost their understanding of maths. In fact, you can see a 90% improvement in your child's grades from just a few sessions.

Gaining access to individualised learning tools will set your child up for the future. When standardized testing comes around or they're faced with tougher maths problems, your child will have the skills and foundation necessary to succeed. Confidence and a grade boost are just some of the advantages.

Make Transitions Easier with a Tutor

It's sometimes inevitable that families have to move in the middle of a school year, and if that's the case, your child will face a lot of pressure. He or she won't just have to contend with social awkwardness, but also missed curriculum in math he or she may not have learned yet.

A tutor is an invaluable resource that can help catch your child up with the new curriculum while providing your child with skills he or she can apply at the new school.

Continued Development During Downtime

Summer holiday and school breaks are great for relaxation, but they can negatively impact a student's ability to learn when they go back to school. Maths concepts that aren't second nature are often forgotten and will need refreshing at some point during the year. Usually, it is the important and lengthy concepts that are almost always forgotten.

Hiring a tutor can ensure your child is able to cope with the new curriculum while also retaining a solid understanding of the subjects that were discussed the last time they were in school. Letting your child forget math concepts will negatively impact their ability to learn and succeed in school down the line.

Reinforcing maths skills allows students to recognise their need and to recall them much quicker. Lengthy and complicated formulas are easily recalled with the help of the right tutor.

Tutoring may seem inefficient or unnecessary in a computer-oriented world, but more than ever before, students need care and attention to succeed in school. Hiring a professional math tutor can give your child a confidence boost and hone necessary skills that they can fall back on time and again in the future.


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