Tuesday 12 February 2019

Our slumber style - new pyjamas from The Pyjama Factory

Being on maternity leave, I think I have a free pass to stay in my pyjamas a little bit longer - if it’s ok for Sullivan, it’s ok for me too, right?!

We are big fans of being comfy and spend Saturday mornings slowly easing into the weekend and not in all too big a rush to get dressed. I love buying new PJs and they’re the first thing I put on when I get home - I just like to get home and feel relaxed.

Another thing to know about me is I am a Harry Potter fan and I’m hoping that my boys will be good. Ethan’s watched the first couple of films and now he’s learning to read and doing well, he’s started to look at my collection of books. We also went to the studio tour last year, Ethan dressed as the boy who lived himself, so it’s safe to see he’s a Potterhead in the making.

Which is why when The Pyjama Factory got it touch to see if we’d be interested in picking a pair of PJs for each of us, it didn’t take long to find something we’d love.

There’s a good range of character, themed and simple PJs to choose from. From Harry Potter to WWE, there’s several designs that would appeal to Ethan and then for me, there’s Disney,cute and leopard print options. I opted for Harry Potter prints for both of us (mine were £12.99 and Ethan's £9.99) and then picked a grandad style top and check bottom set for Ste in matching colours.


Delivery was quick and the quality of the pyjamas is really good - soft fabrics and good sizing, so we’re nice and comfortable, and they're great value too.

I really like the company’s ethos:

“Here at ThePyjamaFactory.com, we supply top quality pyjamas with rock bottom prices in line with all the latest fashion trends and popular characters, so you can be sure your little one is happy to roll on into dreamland each night wearing their favourite character.”

And Ethan most certainly has with his new PJs.


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