Monday 4 March 2019

How to use hair chalk - from parties and festivals to World Book Day

I am a child of the nineties and have fond memories of the days where body glitter and hair mascara were the go-to looks for teenagers. Fast forward to today, and whilst the beauty faux pas of my youth are behind me, there are some trends that have evolved and one is temporary hair colour. Forget the sun-in and spray in colours - the kids (and big kids) of today can use hair chalk to add a flash of colour or change their look, be it for a party, a festival or even for World Book Day, which is later this week.

I was kindly sent some fab hair chalk pens by Pixielots, which come in a set of 12 different colours of the rainbow, and launch this month at just £14.99 (although they're currently on offer for £9.99). I wanted to share them on here as they are super fun, easy to use and could be just the thing if you have children who like to dress up or if you're the one that wants to get a bit creative.

Having recently gone blonder, these hair chalks show up really well on my locks and are easy to apply, wet or dry.

Great for a pop of colour for a party or if you're off to a festival this summer, you could get really creative with them, especially if you're able to style your hair (I can't even manage a proper plait!) as you could shade different sections, or the ends, to a colour of your choosing.

They wash out really easily, and work on all hair shades, so are worth looking into - if you want to change up your look, or perhaps if you're looking for a safe, quick and non-permanent way to get into character. Great if you're recreating a favourite character for World Book Day!

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* I was sent these chalks free of charge, but under no obligation to review on my blog.

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