Friday 3 May 2019

#CostOfSingleParentLiving - EVERY family should be able to save money on days out

Everyone likes to get a good deal, don't they? We all enjoy bagging a bargain or scoring a big saving, whether on our weekly shop or when we go out as a family. Days out, and indeed holidays, can really end up being rather expensive with costs easily mounting up, from entrance tickets to attractions to buying food to eat when you're out and about.

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As your family grows, of course, so will your outgoings - but often, you can shop around to get a good deal or find an offer on that will save some important pennies for you. However, these benefits often seem reserved for a particular type of family; deals typically offer discounts based on two adults and two children.

But what if you parent solo?

Why should you miss out on saving money?

One in four UK families is a single parent one and as money can sometimes be more of a concern, single parents want to be more savvy, but may actually have to pay a premium.

Pay Plan is a free debt help and free debt management plan provider and they've started a campaign around the #CostOfSingleParentLiving, to highlight the challenges and to help people to understand the difficulties better and find a way to manage their finances as a result.

I mean, if you look at the list above, the differences in the deals available to different families is just shocking. £12 difference to go to the cinema? £49.50 to go on the train? And it really does all add up, because a single parent family could pay over £2,900 more if they did everything on PayPlan's list.

It's just not fair, is it?

We've all had times where we've kept a close eye on our outgoings, and no-one likes to feel like they've had to fork out on something, especially when there are offers and deals out there, so I think that this is an important issue to raise and that companies could do more to support families that don't fit the stereotypical family mould - especially when this isn't all that representative a picture any more.


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