Thursday 13 June 2019

American adventures - 3 places I would love to visit

I have only ever been to America once. Once! It took me until I was 26 years old to cross the Atlantic and I did so with my then new husband, for our honeymoon in New York. Stephen has been plenty of times before, with his family, but we both hold out hope to adventure to America again. In fact, there's a whole lot of America we would love to adventure to.

For starters, here are the top three places in America if I were to plan a trip tomorrow:

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1. Florida

For a completely different experience, I would love to travel to sunshine state. Mainly because of Disney and Universal, it has to be said, but for the sun and beaches too. It would feel more like a typical holiday than a city break, and again, a lot to pack in to each day.

Hubs has told me all about the size of all the theme and water parks and the queues and how everything is larger than life. I would love to visit the Harry Potter park and drink Butterbeer in the sun, and hubs would have a brilliant time on all the rollercoasters.

Whilst it would be an action packed holiday, there would also be a lot of relaxation to enjoy as the coast is just stunning.

2. New York

Yes, I know this is the one place in the US I have already been, but it's been almost nine years and NYC is such a vast place, it just has to be at the top of my list.

New York is iconic for so many reasons and is a huge part of pop culture. Friends and Sex and the City, two of my favourite TV shows, were set there, as was The Sopranos, and the cultural interest and hot spots is almost unrivalled (save for perhaps London, on our side of the pond).

From the quiet of Central Park to the bustle of Wall Street and Times Square, New York has it all - but you need comfy shoes, take it from me, as you need to pound that pavement to fit it all in.

3. Las Vegas

A spectacle that just has to be seen, Las Vegas sounds like a mirage in the middle of the dessert. Friends and family have been and have said it's a place like no other. 

I'm guessing that it is the city that never sleeps, much like New York, but with a very different feel to it. Casinos and big stage shows, with hotels that are a sight to behold. I'd even consider renewing our vows and having a drive through wedding or an Elvis Impersonator to marry us - what a memory that would be!

It sounds like an amazing place to have an extraordinary time, swimming, eating, gambling and taking it all in, all in awe.

I've chosen three pretty popular big American destinations, quite cliche I know, and not exactly near each other, and truth is it's a huge place with so many more places to explore. I wouldn't really know where to start, so going to a company such as Travelplanners, who offer all-inclusive package holidays to the US with focuses on Florida and California but also has some other destinations worldwide, would actually be a great place to start. Maybe one day we will plan our great American adventure... where would you go?


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