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Can Brick Slips Be Used Externally?

If you are searching for a quick way to enhance the overall exterior look of your home, brick slips can be the perfect option for you. Brick slips are basically thin layers of masonry used to replicate the look and feel of conventional bricks. They are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your taste. These brick slips are great for use in traditional as well as modern settings.
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What Is A Brick Slip?

So to understand what brick slip cladding is and how it works, you need to first know what brick slips actually are. Brick slip or thin brick, brick tile, veneer brick is the face of the brick. There are different versions of these like the clay brick slip, plastic, concrete etc. Also, there are two methods of having brick slips- cutting from the whole brick or making them in required dimensions. 

Mostly and widely used for aesthetic reasons, brick slips are easy and cost effective way to have that brick finish externally or internally. A very common question asked is if brick slip cladding be used externally without any risk? Well, to this, we can say absolutely yes as they can withstand weather conditions nicely. Also, as they are low in maintenance, you can have peace of mind and be assured of long term durability.

Considering the benefits of brick slips, they are somewhat similar to conventional bricks as in they are:

  •      Recyclable
  •      Breathable
  •      Durable and
  •      Energy efficient

Are They Suitable For External Settings?

Brick claddings on external walls like on the patio, backyard etc are easy to install and you can even do it yourself, treating it like a puzzle. When put together, they create a great appeal to your external space whether at home or at office. What more, they are thermal insulating and decorative and can offer a great finish to any space. In a way, we can say that installing brick slip cladding can make a huge difference to any home or office. 

You can choose the old Victorian style for external wall cladding as it looks amazing in a plush outdoor setting. These brick slips add a sort of character to any space. There are many vendors out there that specialize in brick slip cladding as per your budget and choice. Contact them and ensure that you choose the right company to provide you with the best brick slip cladding.

Some Common FAQs

How much is the cost of installing a brick slip?

Well, depending on what you choose, the range differs a lot. Still, to give you a rough idea, we can say that brick cladding costs you around £150/m2 for installation. With this, you get great finish to your walls and get a guaranteed nice setting for a long time, maybe 15 to 20 years or even more.

What is brick cladding made up of?

These bricks are made from a blend of natural aggregate i.e. oxides, crushed brick, colours and sand. These are mixed and bonded together with a copolymer adhesive. Then the bricks are stencilled on fibre cement sheets that are then fired to harden and bond the panels.

More to Brick Cladding

When it comes to brick cladding, creativity is limitless. There are innumerable brick patterns that can be used for external cladding, using a mix of brick slips and headers, thus achieving any style you want. External cladding is not only for large installations. So the process when used o home applications can unify the look of a brick extension without any mess.

Further, the beauty of using external brick slips is that they can be applied to any type of surface using a good quality tile adhesive. So whether you wish to beautify your balconies, your patios, poolside or backyard, you can simply choose brick slip cladding and enjoy a great look.

Also, brick slips serve to be a quick, efficient and cost effective way to imitate the traditional brick work. They provide great durability and are simple to maintain as well, thus making them an ideal choice for a lot of users. In other words, brick claddings are perfect for renovation projects or even for new buildings. 

Summing It Up

In all, brick slip cladding is an easy way to transform or improve the look of your internal or external walls. They are now becoming a very popular choice, mostly for external insulation systems as people want that traditional brick look along with having increased insulation, reduction of wall thickness and overall weight. So, make up your mind and go for brick slip cladding if you want to beautify the exterior of your home or office. They are affordable and last for years!


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