Friday 7 June 2019

What's in your knicker drawer? #DecadesOfLingerie

I think you can probably tell a lot about a woman from what she keeps in her knicker drawer. The kind of lingerie you wear can say a lot about what time period you grew up in, your current life stage and your personal taste.
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It is literally the bare essentials and the choices we make reflect who we are and can really make us feel happy, comforted, attractive.

Over the years, lingerie styles and trends have come and gone. From the days of old when corsets were what ladies would wear to full on bloomers and girdles, each decade has brought with it a certain popular lingerie style and often lingerie has become part of pop culture. Anyone remember the Thong Song, for instance?! Or how about the 'Hello boys' billboard campaign for a certain famous push-up bra?

I'm telling you, your knicker drawer has a lot to reveal about you! (So just as well it's private I guess...)

When I was younger, from being a teen onwards, it was all about thongs and high leg briefs. And thongs actually had something to them. Fast forward to today, and the Love Island generation really love their G-strings, to the extent where it often doesn't look like someone is wearing any underwear at all. Same goes for swimsuit styles - seriously, this may make me sound old, but how can that be comfortable?!

The life stage I am at is more about comfort than in the past. When you're going to have a baby, you're told to stock up on on big knickers - sometimes affectionately called 'granny pants' - and speaking to several mums I know, they can be very hard to let go of post-baby; they're just that darn comfortable.

And there's no doubt that a good bra can make a huge difference, to any woman, at any age. To make the most of, or contain your assets, or to make breastfeeding easier, we all need good support. I've worn some shocking bras in the past; poor fitting, too much padding, you name it. I remember my Dad commenting when I lived at home, having spotted the laundry on the line, that birds could nest in the cups of my bra. Funny... and true!

We are spoilt for choice these days as any style you like is available to choose from, be it lacy and barely there, sexy and seductive, or seriously practical. Your lingerie is closest to your skin and should make you feel great no matter what so when it comes to your knicker drawer, you just do you.


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