Wednesday 10 July 2019

Easy Decor Ideas & Hacks For Kids Rooms

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 If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that the decor of their rooms can be a bit of a challenge! You’ll naturally want everything to look nice for them, but this can be somewhat tricky when they often make such a mess. Our environments have such an impact on our wellbeing and positivity, that’s why it's worth persevering to create a space that your kids can relax and enjoy. Here come some super easy decor ideas and hacks to revamp your kid’s room. 

Make your own

Kids love getting crafty, and if you hand-make some decorations for their rooms, not only will you be completing a joint project together - but you’ll be saving money too!

Let’s take a look at some different ideas for decorations that you and your kids could make as a family. 


Of course, you can buy some perfect looking bunting from a shop, but where's the fun in that! Indulge yourself in the shabby-chic way and don’t worry if it doesn’t look shop-bought! The main thing is that you are your children are getting creative, having fun, and ending up with something that you can (hopefully) hang up on the wall! You can use some string, cloth, glue or even make your bunting out of card and paper. Choose some colours that are going to match with the decor that’s already in your kid’s bedrooms and get going! 

If you wanted to make some cute decorative signs to match with the bunting, you would probably need to do this separately without your kid's help! For this, you’d need your chosen materials and a vinyl cutter, can tell you about the different types of cutters available. The design of your sign is up to you and if you have a creative streak, this could be good fun!


Colourful origami can be beautiful decorations to hang from the ceiling of your kid's bedroom. These can be reasonably easy to make, and there are so many online videos and articles to help you to do these. Origami is both a valuable and therapeutic past time for children because it helps to develop fine motor skills and promotes a sense of relaxation. You could make anything from flowers to animals and choose your kid’s favourite colours too!


If your kid's room is too cluttered, having lots going on in the space could make the room feel claustrophobic. Before you start making or buying anything, it’s essential that you declutter the space as much as possible. 

It’s a good idea to invest in cupboards and shelves with doors so that you create a minimal look (if your kid has a lot of toys)! Keep the most beautiful toys on display and put the rest inside the cupboards. Don’t be tempted to hang onto items that your child doesn’t use or play with. You can repurpose these items by donating them to charity stores or giving them to a friend’s child who might like them. 


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