Friday 20 September 2019

Real Life Parenting - panel event at Town Hall Birmingham, 12th October 2019

Sometimes, becoming a parent can leave you bewildered and as if you are alone. Sure, you know that plenty of people have come before you, but it can feel like you're isolated and that you're the only one going through the tougher times. It can be hard to find where to turn for help or an understanding face to talk to, and it's for this reason I began my blog and why I started following other bloggers and parents on Instagram and the like.

To know it's not just me.

There's a great event coming up at Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham which brings these people you may already follow, right out of your phone and into the very same room as you.

I will be there myself to review the show, as an ambassador for THSH (#gifted tickets), but I wanted to share the information with you in advance in case it's up your street too, so you can nab some tickets yourself...

You have a baby, maybe you have two. Why not, it’ll all be ok. That’s what social media tell us. It’ll all be fine… So who is this person who now has baby sick on their t-shirt even when it’s clean on? Who always forgets something as they leave the house, or frequently turns up to work with their toddler’s toys in their bag? And why is the phrase “put your shoes on” so hard to understand?!

Birmingham Literature Festival and Town Hall Symphony Hall are delighted to bring together a panel of well-known writers and bloggers who between them are sharing true stories of life at the coalface of parenting – with not an Instagram filter or hashtag in sight.

'Real Life Parenting - the Good, the Bad and the Funny' will feature the following speakers:
Liz Berry is a poet from the Black Country, who now lives in Birmingham. Her latest poetry pamphlet The Republic of Motherhood (Chatto, 2018) was a Poetry Book Society Pamphlet choice and the title poem won the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem 2018.
Matt Coyne is the writer of the hugely popular Man vs Baby blog which has become a book of the same name. His new book Man vs Toddler was published this year.
Kathryn Wallace writes the I Know, I Need to Stop Talking blog which has led to her first book, Absolutely Smashing It, published this year.
Join our panel for an in-depth, funny and no doubt slightly surreal discussion about writing and what being a parent in 2019 is really like – and how we’re all actually doing a pretty good job at it.

Tickets are on sale now for this one of a kind panel event, on Saturday 12th October 2019, 2pm, at Town Hall.

Before this event, there's another great event on at Town Hall for parents - Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum, Happy Baby tour, coming to Birmingham on Sunday 29th September 2019.


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