Wednesday 9 October 2019

Be skin confident, share your story, become an Epaderm ambassador – why you should enter the Epaderm Ambassador 2020 competition #AD

Around this time last year, I was going through a difficult phase with managing my psoriasis. At the time, I had been living with this irritating dry skin condition for over seven years and often struggled with how it made me feel and the impact it could have on my daily life. Like anyone dealing with something similar, it can often be a case of mind over matter, and finding something that eases day-to-day symptoms can be a real godsend.

#AD - blogger ambassador

Enter Epaderm.

Despite it being specially developed by dermatologists and recommended by doctors in the UK for the management of dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, I hadn’t come across the range before but as soon as I tried the cream and the ointment for the first time, it made a difference and I haven’t looked back.

As these conditions can be persistent and flare ups can occur at any time, it’s really important to find a management system that works for you and Epaderm does just that – keeps on top of things and helps topically treat my skin.

I then discovered that Epaderm was looking for an ambassador for 2019, who had experience of dry skin conditions and would be interested in collaborating with them for a year, to help other people going through something similar.

I have always been open about my psoriasis on my blog and have shared my journey through treatments in the past, so I thought it was something well worth my time doing; not because I actually thought I would be selected, but because I knew how important and helpful reading about other people’s experiences, and their advice, can be.

So I set about sharing my story, in a way that I thought would be interesting… and just maybe catch the judges’ eye.

You can read my full entry post here, but the main focus was this poem:

Pale, prone to freckles and moles, up and down.
Doesn't tan much, more fond of shades of pink that sun-kissed brown.
Not something really thought about, it's just a part of me.
A part of me that everyone can see.


A red blotch appears one day.
And doesn't seem to want to go away.
Some moisture here, a good scrub there.
But it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


The patch becomes quite angry and sore.
It makes its presence known, until I can't ignore it anymore.
Soon, this patch isn't alone, and more appear.
Another on my head, my arm, and then under here.


This isn't just a little itch to scratch.
My skin feels tingly and hot like a match.
It's spreading all over now, it just won't stop.
I think about it an awful lot.


Once just something never thought about.
Is something that I want to shout about.
I used to have some of my skin on show.
Now I hide it wherever I go.


Who wants to see red exposed skin?
No-one needs to know what I am living with.
Leggings in summer, long-sleeves a must.
A condition revealed only to those I trust.


Every day, it's hard not to let it overcome.
Who you are, what you do, how you have fun.
Your skin feels like it's against you.
And that it'll do what it likes, no matter what you do.


Everyone's different, and will respond in different ways.
To lotions and potions, applied several times a day.
Eating better, staying calm, getting fit.
You've got to try lots of things, do your bit.


When you find something that works for you.
Oh, how amazing that feeling is, it's true.
To have something take away some of the worst.
Make you feel in control, you're so happy you could burst.


It's something you need to build in each day.
Make time for yourself, treat your skin this way.
Regular care and attention can be the change.
So one day, you won't have to hide again.

A short time later, I discovered I had been chosen and the rest, as they say, is history.

“We are pleased to announce that Kelly O’Hanlon (To Become Mum) has been chosen as our Epaderm Ambassador for 2019. We chose Kelly for our Epaderm Ambassador as we were so impressed with her poem and originality. Her writing style is personable and approachable and she gave some excellent tips on effectively managing psoriasis using Epaderm.” 
Toby Cobbledick, Mölnlycke, manufacturers of Epaderm

“Not only did Kelly share some brilliant tips for managing her psoriasis, she also wrote a beautiful poem about her day to day experience with psoriasis. We can tell that Kelly will be a delight to work with and we’re proud to crown her as Epaderm Ambassador for 2019!” 
Karen Pett, dermatology nurse and competition judge

Here’s my top reasons for entering:

  1. You can share YOUR story with other people, which can help you as well as others to be more skin confident – no one should feel held back because of their dry skin condition
  2. You get a real insight on Epaderm and how it can help you manage dry skin conditions
  3. You get to develop a range of social media content

It’s as simple as writing a blog post as an entry, and my tip for putting it together would be to use your unique voice and find a way that conveys what you want to say so it’s memorable and has an impact.

Here’s what you need to know to enter:

If you would like to be Epaderm’s BloggerAmbassador, all you need to do is write a post about beating skin insecurities and feeling confident. Perhaps you are affected by eczema/psoriasis/dry skin condition yourself or have done in the past.

Your blog post must be posted online anytime during October 2019 and include the hashtag #OneTwoFreeYourSkin and ‘Epaderm® is available online, in-store and on prescription’ at the bottom of your blog in order to be eligible for judging. Please email a link to your blog to once it goes live.

And good luck – you could be the next Epaderm Ambassador!

ALSO - if you would like to win a bundle of Epaderm goodies, enter my competition!


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