Monday 20 April 2020

Great gifts to send your friends during the lockdown

One of the worst things about the lockdown situation is that you cannot see your family and friends. That includes special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Fortunately, you can still let them know you are thinking of them by sending them a gift and calling them.

So, here is a little gift inspiration for you. The theme here is presents that will help your friends and family members through the lockdown period. As you will see, most of them will help them to relax and take the chance to recharge their batteries.

Vaping related gifts

If your friend or family member is a vaping fan, consider buying them a new vape pen, like the ones you can find here. Or even a new e-liquid flavour to try. Better still, send them one of the latest vaping vitamin packages.

Beauty or health subscription boxes

For a special birthday or anniversary, a health or beauty subscription box is a lovely gift. But they can be quite expensive Maybe more than you can afford. Fortunately, as you can see here a lot of firms are aware of this, which is why they usually offer a one-off option as well.

A box of crafts

If your friend enjoys crafts, select and send them a craft kit. It could be for something you know they already enjoy doing. Or, you could select something new for them to try.

What to do if you do not want to send physical gifts during lockdown

The nice thing about all of the above gifts is that potentially you could send them whenever you want. So, if you don’t feel right about sending a courier out with a parcel that is not super urgent, just let your friend know what you have selected for them and place your actual order after the lockdown. 

They will understand and be pleased to know that you have taken the time to select a thoughtful gift for them.

Buy a digital voucher

Alternatively, you could buy them a digital gift. Vouchers are an obvious choice. There are hundreds of different ones you could buy. So, selecting the right one will not be difficult.

Pay for a streaming subscription

Or, you could pay for a streaming subscription like Netflix for a month or maybe the whole year. Amazon Prime is another alternative. Access to a long list of videos and books is a part of the package, which is perfect for a time like this. Not to mention the fact that your friend will benefit from free and fast deliveries on virtually any product they order from Amazon.

Access to an online course

Right now, online courses are selling fast. A lot of people are bored with watching movies and shows, so they are using some of the time to learn something new. Potentially you can buy a single course, which would not be expensive. Or spend a bit more and buy them a subscription for a month. This article will help you to decide which platform is likely to be right for them.

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