Monday 3 August 2020

Healthy skin in a box? Review of Erbology

Life in lockdown has given us chance to reassess many aspects of our lifestyle and do find new habits and try new things. We have been safe and well so I’ve tried to make the most of the extra time at home to take better care of myself and this has been from the inside out.

I’m on medication to help with my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which is making a difference for sure (thankfully) but it does lower my immune system, so eating well or finding ways to give myself a boost is something I am really interested in doing.

So when I received an email from Erbology - an online shop with a passion for therapeutic plants, who create organic, gluten-free nourishing foods and drinks - I was keen to find out more.

I know a few people who cook and bake with different ingredients and the range of Erbology powders, oils and shots stood out to me as a great way to supplement your diet and find ways to add in a bit more nourishment here and there with ease.

I had a good look around, and found many new things I had never heard of, reading into their uses and benefits. Given my skin condition, I decided to try the Erbology Skin Health Box (£40.99 as a one off purchase, but less if you subscribe to monthly or fortnightly deliveries). The boxes are a good way to try a few different products for less, and in the Skin Health box I’ve tried, there’s six Organic Aronia shots, a 35g Raw Organic Sea Buckthorn powder tub and a 50ml Organic Amaranth Seed Oil. Now these are ingredients that I haven’t come across or consumed before, so it’s been an all new experience.

The shots are quite potent and have a strong berry taste. Not unpleasant, just unusual, and I’ve taken them as they are but you could mix into juice too if you preferred. Aronia berries are a great source of zest and a powerful skin tonic, as they’re rich in anthocyanins that help protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals. One shot a day does the trick.

The oil is lovely and has a subtle nutty taste to it. I’ve found this really easy to add into daily meals; it’s worked great drizzled on salad and into stir fry noodles and salmon (one of my fave quick and healthy dishes I love to make). Just a dash of regenerating amaranth oil is meant to do a lot for your metabolism, immunity and skin.

The powder is also versatile, and Erbology suggests sprinkling this on soup or salas or mixing into yoghurt. Mildly tangy and exceptionally nutritious, sea buckthorn powder is a source of rare omega-7, beta-carotene and phytonutrients and apparently these work together to support your immunity, mucosa function and skin health.

All items in the various boxes can be bought separately so you can pick and choose just one or two items to try. Or if you have a specific goal in mind, a box can offer better value for money.

With anything like this, it’s hard to pinpoint and say whether a difference is noticed, and sometimes it takes time, but I can say I have enjoyed trying something new and all three products that came in my box have tasted good and have been easy to add into the food I eat each day.

The ethos of Erbology is around raw, natural ingredients with real benefits, and there’s no additives, organic sourcing is key and many products are vegan too. One fab online company to look into if you are into raw food and nutritional cooking.

* I was gifted the box mentioned but all opinions expressed remain my own. 


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